Schools Career Guidance

Schools Career Guidance

by david


The Schools Career Guidance (SCG) committee, working closely with our other committees and in collaboration with leading energy sector players, provides an industry focus for primary and secondary school pupils to promote careers in the energy sector.

SPE Aberdeen volunteer members work on several initiatives and events, including:

  • Evaluation of “Energy4Me” kits in relation to Scottish Curriculum, to pilot the kits and provide school presentations
  • Sponsor “Maths In the Pipeline”
  • Active participation in the strategic forum COGeS (Careers in the Oil, Gas, and energy Sectors) with other leading local educationalists and industry leading executives
  • Provide guides and support at “Energise Your Future” events
  • Securing sponsorship and distribution of SPE books
  • Support local pupils with CV & portfolio development
  • Providing financial and volunteer support to TechFest

Committee Chair – Richard Cooper Biography & In the Spotlight






Committee Vice Chair – Souly Chetouane Biography & In the Spotlight