Schools Career Guidance

Schools Career Guidance

by david

The Energy4me Schools Career Guidance (SCG) committee aim to “Inspire the Next Generation” by providing Diverse & Inclusive information on “Energy Transition” skills, career pathways and career journeys thus guiding pupils towards positive destinations.

In collaboration with other SPE Aberdeen Committees and our STEM Ambassador Volunteers, we also support leading energy sector players and STEM Educators to provide an industry focus for primary and secondary school pupils, teachers, parents and carers therefore raising awareness of potential Career opportunities in the Oil, Gas and wider Energy Sector including Offshore Wind, Electrification, Geothermal, Hydrogen etc as part of our journey to Net-Zero.  As “Explorers”, through our collaboration with NASA and the UK Space Sector we also highlight transferable technologies and skills in Satellites, Robotics, Data, AI, AR, Emissions Reductions, Sustainability etc.

Energy4me SCG volunteers have supported and developed several “Energy Transition School Career Guidance” initiatives and events, including:

  • Guiding Pupils towards Positive Destinations
    • Jobs / OGTAP, Foundation, Modern & Graduate Apprenticeships / College or University
  • Energy Transition Career Guidance
    • School Career Fairs, Exhibition Tours and presentations
    • Collaboration with OEUK, OPITO & EI AHI
  • CV & Interview Skills – Secondary Schools
    • Supporting SDS, DYW & YMCA
    • STEMNET Top 10 Employability Skills
  • STEM Ambassador Activities – Primary & Secondary Schools
    • Maths in the Pipeline support to TechFest
    •  collaboration with Aberdeen Science Centre
    • NASA in Aberdeen multi-organisational collaborative project
    • “Explorers – Inspiring the Next Generation”

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Committee Chair – Colin Black Biography                        Committee Vice Chair – Soma Salavati Biography

Past Committee Chair – Richard Cooper Biography

Fraserburgh Academy Careers Fair 2022

 (l-r) Soma Salavati, Colin Black & Alix Thom (OEUK)


Career Videos – Our Volunteers Tell Us About Their Careers – What They Do, How They Got There and What Skills They Use

Graham Dallas – Business Development. Click on photo for video






Tim Clarke – Coring Engineer, Oilfield Operations Manager, Curious about how things work, Click on photo for video.