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by david

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    You can write to us at:
    PO BOX 18566,
    AB51 1BB

    Or telephone: 01651 873 791

    If you want to contact a specific committee, please use the addresses below or fill out the contact form.


    Graham Dallas – Chairman –
    Diane Wood – Section Manager –
    Kenny McAllister – OAA Chair –
    Terry Charleton– Programme Chair –
    Steve Cromar– Continuing Education Chair –
    Colin Black – School Career Guidance  Chair –

    Irina Krylova– Membership, Marketing & Communications Chair –
    Joe Sherratt– YP Chair –

    Elliot Kinch– Student Development Chair –

    Anna Petitt – Net Zero Chair –

    Lorraine Mutch – Treasurer –
    Louise Thomas – Administration Support –


    For details of advertising on this website, please contact Diane Wood on (+44) 01651 873791 or e-mail