Chairmans Address: March 2018

by david

Chairmans Address: March 2018

by david

by david


Hello everyone

This month I’d like to focus on some of the great work that our Young Professionals Committee does.  A “Young Professional” (or “YP”) in SPE’s world means an industry professional under the age of 35 – although their activities are open to all members

Their flagship programme is the monthly Simplified Series which presents a wide range of technical and technology subjects in an easy to understand way.  This year they started with a presentation from RigQuip where attendees got a chance to go on a VR tour of a rig. Other speakers have included Dr Patrick O’Brien from ITF and Mike Backus from Nexen; their presentations are on available on the knowledge section of our website. Already confirmed for the rest of the year are speakers from Expro, Agiletek and 1CSI. If you’d be interested in demystifying a technology as part of this series please contact

Their other programme is Unplugged 360 – delivering presentations covering soft skills and personal development such as the recent workshop with Mark Cowieson from Archer and David Robertson from Wild Thinking which was very successful and popular. Watch out for further similar workshops in 2018.

Last year the YP’s organised the Emerging Engineers Forum at Offshore Europe with theme of Innovation and encouraging young professionals in industry to adopt an innovative mind-set to develop new technologies. Speakers from Frontrow Technology Group, EC_OG and Cyberhawk Innovations shared their knowledge and experience; click here to hear from one of the attendees.

The YP’s also work closely with others to promote our industry to young people, supporting the Schools and Careers Guidance (SCG) committee to inspire next generation by visiting schools careers fairs representing the industry.

Our thanks go to Expro Group for their continued support of our YP programme.  The committee is seeking additional sponsorship to enable them to deliver more events of value to our Young Professionals – if you can help please contact

Details of all the upcoming YP events can be found on the section’s website and we look forward to seeing you at the events.

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