Chair’s Address: June 2022

by louise

Chair’s Address: June 2022

by louise

by louise

Friends & Colleagues,

This is the last newsletter before the summer break. I am glad to report that SPE Aberdeen is seeing a large-scale return to normality, reflected in our recent run of Continuing Education events, and the welcome return of the evening Technical Programme.

We have already begun planning for the 2022/23 session and this is where I ask for your help, and thoughts. We aim to have a members survey issued in the coming weeks where we reach out and ask your opinions and preferences for what and how we deliver the SPE Mission. The pandemic forced us to change our ways, but we learned a lot and now we can plan our next year of a mix of in-person, hybrid, and purely digital events. We’ll ask you what you would like to see us cover and how.

We’re also grateful that we can now return to visiting schools and universities. Our Student Development and Schools Career Guidance committees have been revitalised and are raring to go after the summer on the commencement of the new term.

The next session will of course be reflective of the needs of the industry and the membership, our vital Net Zero and Diversity & Inclusion committees have an influence in all of our output and how we do business sustainably in our often rapidly changing daily lives.

I wish you all a pleasant summer break and look forward to connecting with you again in August.

As always, comments, questions and queries are welcomed, please get in touch. Thanks,


Graham Dallas

SPE Aberdeen Chair

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