Chair’s Address: March 2021

by louise

Chair’s Address: March 2021

by louise

by louise

Dear SPE Aberdeen members, colleagues and friends,

Net Zero News

Our new Net Zero Committee has had its first meetings. Anna Petitt has agreed to lead the charge as Chair of the committee with Alex Crossland as Vice-Chair. The team is setting out a series of informative introductory technical webinars to bring SPE Aberdeen up to speed with the main topics of the Net Zero challenge and then will drill down into the technical and policy issues associated with the main threads.
This committee has given us further opportunity to build stronger links with our friends in other SPE sections in the UK. We will be sharing speakers and presentation topics with our colleagues in London in particular where their focus on policy and regulation compliments our more technical emphasis.

In that collaborative spirit SPE London are running a survey of members regarding Net Zero initiatives which they have opened up to our members too; access survey here.

SPE International have launched the SPE Gaia Initiative. This addresses the issues of our developing relationship with the planet. I encourage you to sign up and keep in touch with SPE’s global drive; more details here.

Geothermal Energy Symposium

There is huge potential for geothermal energy to help achieve net zero targets. With the crossover of expertise within the oil and gas sector, the section is keen to deliver a conference focusing on geothermal energy. Would you be interested in getting involved and help shape this event? If so we would be delighted to hear from you.

Volunteering / Opportunities to Lead

The theme of our last SPE Aberdeen Board Meeting was “Light at the end of the tunnel”. We are all optimistic about the opportunities to meet in person in the foreseeable future in addition to our online life. We are actively encouraging the blurring of lines between our digital and physical interactions. We need new volunteers to bring new ideas into SPE Aberdeen. Please get in touch if you have an interest in either the development of our technical events or in our outreach work to schools and universities. We will find a role that will match your interests and time commitments.

Committee Chair roles have a normal two-year tenure. A number of positions will be up for renewal in the coming months. My tenure as Section Chair will come to an end in July and with the expectation that Graham Dallas will step up from Vice-Chair we are looking for a new Section Vice-Chair. We will need to replace Graham in the Membership and Marketing Role. Further Vice-Chair positions in Programme and Offshore Achievement Awards are available.

Operating Manual

Our Operating Manual has been updated and will be sent out to you shortly. It will be posted on the website too with the commercial elements redacted. The operating manual sets out how the section is run and if you have any questions or suggestion please get in touch.

Stay happy and healthy in 2021,


Kenny McAllister

SPE Aberdeen Chair

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