January 2022

The progress in adopting Digitalization in the oil and gas industry is very limited over the last two decades, since the time Digital Oilfields concept was discussed. The data collected by the industry players, has significant insights to remove the cost of inefficiency. However, to leverage the data, the industry needs to enhance their digital maturity toward Digital Disruption. In this talk, what digital maturity is from Digitization to Digital Disruption will be presented in addition to what are foundational aspects of digital transformation, and showcase some business cases where significant economic value is generated using the data at scale.

The Rhum field was developed in 2005, but one of the three development wells, R3, was never put on production due to various issues during the completion phase. In 2019, Serica commenced planning operations to rectify the well integrity issues and bring the well on production. This presentation will go into detail on how Serica overcame the expected and unexpected challenges.