October 2018

The main challenge for the Extended Well Test operations is ensuring the flow period is continuous and uninterrupted i.e weather conditions for crude oil export to tanker and fluid stabilization for flaring operation. The solution is for fluids to be stored on-board the drillship in the storage tanks in case flaring operations cannot take place. In this case, fluids are processed through the well test package then transferred to the drillship storage tanks for further stabilization prior to controlled flaring post-test. This presentation will discuss the key design considerations.

November 2018

“How to define the future of subsea well cementing” plants a seed of entrepreneurship for aspiring young engineers. Problems exist everywhere in our day-to-day working lives; turning those problems into solutions, then into a commercial business, is a journey of excitement, heart-ache, elation, commiseration and endless hard work, which is best started with an injection of inspiration.
This presentation joins the journey at the outset, defining the problem, and exploring the trials and tribulations of an engineer determined to make a difference to the traditionally conservative offshore well construction industry.

December 2018

Location: Kurdistan Regional Governate, Iraq . Sulaymaniyah, Kifri / Kalar. September 2013 to March 2014.
Required to build a non formation damaging completion fluid to 2.41 SG (20.1 ppg) in order to test and put into production a high volume, high pressure oil well.
Hasira 1. This well was drilled to depth and tested. Following perforation the well was unable to be controlled at 2.11 SG (19 ppg) and was killed using a cement plug. The cement plug was drilled out and the well displaced to a novel drilling fluid purpose built for this job. Due to the location in Iraq and the local environmental laws it was not possible to use a high density clear brine. The option was to build a heavy fluid from trucked in material. This is an industry first at this density and this presentation shows the processes required.