February 2018

This presentation will provide a technical overview of current fixed and mobile rig choices with a focus on high performance, larger rigs. A comparison of old and new rigs will be made, and some of the economics behind rig building will be discussed, including how rigs are funded, and how optimum performance and safety can be obtained once contracted. There will also be a virtual walk around one of the world’s most advanced drillship designs where attendees can try out the latest VR technology.

March 2018

YP Simplified Series. Subsea Asset Integrity by Matthew Kennedy, 1CSI

Wednesday March 7, 2018 at 6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

This presentation will look at a number of inspection technologies underpinning the integrity assessment of subsea assets in the O&G and renewable (wind energy) sectors: ROV deployed ultrasonic inspection of subsea pipelines rigid & flexibles; Diver and ROV deployed underwater radiography of subsea pipelines; Subsea inspection of offshore wind turbine monopile structures. These topics will be presented and discussed with an insight into how these techniques fit into the owner/operator integrity cycle.