Constructive Conversations – Spotlight on Inclusive Engagement: Dare to Care!

June 2021

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Constructive Conversations – Spotlight on Inclusive Engagement: Dare to Care!

Live Webinar 16th June 2021, 17.00 – 18.00

“Constructive Conversations”, is a series of collaborative discussion events hosted by SPE Aberdeen & the Energy Institute (AHI).

Our industry is at a crossroads with the transition to net zero, and the combined impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and global events are setting the course for societal change.

This gives us an unprecedented opportunity to transform the way we live and work.

We believe change starts with awareness and our aim is to create a series of events in a format that lays the groundwork for stories to be told and constructive conversations to be held.

Our first discussion centres around “Inclusive Engagement”, and we invite you to join us for an interactive, non-judgmental discussion.

We hope to discuss topics such as bias within the workplace, assumptions, stereotypes, psychological safety, the need for inclusion and how feeling excluded might affect mental health, performance and ultimately safety – the agenda for the full series is yet to be defined and we can’t wait to get your input.

This event is free to attend; book your place here.

Dr Ollie Folayan CEng FIChemE, Chairman AFBE-UK Scotland

Ollie Folayan is a chartered chemical engineer working in the energy industry and chairman of the award -winning AFBE -UK Scotland and co – founder of AFBE -UK. Ollie has championed successful outreach programmes such as Making Engineering Hot, NextGen (Scotland), Transition and Real Projects and has co-authored three publications on the influence of role models in the transition from academic study to the workplace and on the sustainability of the engineering profession in the UK. In addition, Ollie has also been involved with a number of successful community initiatives through organizations such as Shell and the Royal Academy of Engineering. Ollie has chaired a number of AFBE -UK annual seminars featuring key industry leaders and politicians and is a regular speaker at events on varied engineering topics. Ollie has participated in All party parliamentary group roundtables on STEM education and he is a member of the All Energy Diversity and Inclusion task group set up in 2019 by Oil and Gas UK.

Linda O’Donnell, Business Psychologist and Director at Zenith Consulting

Linda passionately believes in the valuable role psychology plays in developing individuals, leaders and teams to be the best they can be. She has worked across a variety of sectors developing relationships with clients to fully understand their needs before using an evidence-based approach to deliver bespoke interventions addressing their requirements.

Linda is a strong advocate of the value of positive psychology in the workplace which focuses on what is right with individuals, teams and organisations, rather than concentrating on fixing what is wrong. In developing resilience and optimism, organisations can have a more engaged, productive and happy workforce who work collaboratively to overcome challenges.

Peter Duff, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor and Coach

With over 40 years’ experience in the energy sector, (with BP and Shell), expertise includes D&I, Leadership Development, Science and Technology. Peter was BP’s Director of D&I for the EMEA Region from 2015 – 2021 and helped to navigate the complex field of gender equality, racial bias, LGBT+ and disability (or more importantly accessibility). This included developing and empowering employee-led D&I networks, engaging leaders and collaborating with a range of companies including BBC, Bloomberg, Bechtel, EY, KPMG, Mercer, McKinsey and others.

Brett Townsley BCAc, Owner, Omniscient Safety Innovations Ltd, Co-Founder of Make Minds Matter non-profit organisation.

Brett is a recipient of the BCAc, Pride of Aberdeen winner 2017, SHE Awards Manager of the year 2018 finalist, IDCA 2018 Safety Award Winner.  Brett is ex-armed forces having served 7 years with Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and ISAF Intelligence Exploitation Force Afghanistan.

Brett has held senior management roles in the Oil & Gas Sector since 2011 and in 2018 Brett launched OSi which designs, builds, and implements workplace mental health solutions that reduce stigma, absenteeism, costs and accidents while increasing morale, productivity and health.  Omniscient Safety Innovations Ltd currently provide SCIS Energy Workforce Mental Health Training for the Energy Sector.