EuALF European Artificial Lift Euroform

June 2022

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Fuelling the Transition

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 The biennial EuALF is a well-established forum organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers Aberdeen Section for Artificial Lift, Production, Completions and Geothermal Professionals, specifically to promote technology, innovation and collaboration.

How do we optimise production post-pandemic? We need to utilise, improve and adapt our existing technology to reduce the carbon footprint while transitioning to renewable energy sources. To assist during this period, we need to make the most of our current well stock and reinvigorate existing fields by introducing and/or optimising artificial lift. We must drive the adoption of emerging technologies such as alternative deployed ESP’s, fibre optic sensing for gas lift optimisation, geothermal energy applications, etc. This can assist in providing the resources required to help fuel the energy transition.

In the challenging environment of the oil industry today, ‘tried and tested’ still has an important place, however, we will welcome abstracts on all types of novel artificial lift technology – including artificial intelligence, chemical injection, flow assurance, HPHT, completion technology; design, control and performance modelling, at various stages of recognised Technology Readiness Level definitions.

We have a dedicated EuALF group Linkedin page, join here.

Presentations Day One:

A more efficient method to unload wells. Chris Wrighton, Aramco & Iain Maclean, Zilift. View here.

A new approach to optimising well production using cable deployable ESPs in combination with industry proven logging tools. Iain Maclean, Zilift. View here.

The way forward with the Ultra-High-Speed ESP technology Ahmed Almashgari, LEX. View here.

Alternative Deployment Selection. Euan Alexander, Artificial Lift Solutions. View here.

Development and field deployment of the UpCableTM ESP power delivery system. Graeme Fyfe, AccessESP & Younes Deffous, TotalEnergies. View here.

Streamlining the Production of Highly Viscous Fluids Using a Purpose-Built Centrifugal Pump Stage as Part of a Conventional ESP Installation. Max Bilfinger Schlumberger. View here.

Downhole Monitoring Tools in Artificial Lift. Esra Almajbri, Schlumberger. View here.

Monitoring Sucker Rod Pumps based on electrical signature analysis. Simon Jagers, Samotics. View here.

Reducing well life cycle cost in high scale environment. Krister Bye, PTC. View here.

Presentations Day Two:

Opportunities in AL and the Technological Advancements. Atika Al-Bimani, Independent Consultant Projects. View here.

Advanced Gas and Solid Handling Pump for Unconventional Gassy and Sandy Well Challenges. Lyon Hong, Baker Hughes. View here.

11:15 Learning from Experience: Completing a Subsea Dual ESP well, West of Shetland second time round. Stewart McIntosh, Harbour Energy/Artificial Lift Solutions. View here.

Raising the dead without costing the Earth. Mark Dryden, PTC & Richard Whittington, Interwell. View here.

The viability of Rigless ESP Technology for subsea applications. Graeme Fyfe & Greg Nutter, AccessESP. View here.

Review of Electric Motor Technologies for ESP Applications. Chris Wrighton, Aramco & Alexandru Vlad Rusu, University of Manchester. View here.

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