Multi-Well Deconvolution for Field Start ups in the North Sea – Alex Thatcher from OPC

October 2020

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Multi-Well Deconvolution for Field Start ups in the North Sea

Webinar presented by Alex Thatcher of OPC.

Commonly used deconvolution techniques are a useful addition to the well test analysis toolbox. These methods are limited to single well pressure and rate data and are therefore more suited to exploration / appraisal testing. Unfortunately, single well deconvolution can generally not be applied to field start ups with more than one well due to the interference effects between wells. We then miss this early time period where the reservoir truly reveals all the flow properties and geometry that are pivotal for long term production and field development planning.

Multi-Well deconvolution is a technique that converts pressure and rate histories from potentially interfering wells into constant-rate pressure responses for each well as if it were producing alone in the reservoir. This does allow identification of fluid flow properties and regimes from interfering wells and therefore provides a greater understanding of the reservoir “plumbing” than conventional techniques allow.

The North Sea is now a mature basin with extensive infrastructure allowing small field tie backs. These fields may be developed with only a few wells which provide ideal conditions for the application of Multi-Well deconvolution.”

Recording of Webinar Available to View Here