Personal Resilience event – Sleep Better and Live Longer

September 2019

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Our personal resilience events are back.

In conjunction with BMI Albyn Hospital we are delighted to announce that the first event is on Sleep.

Sleep Better and Live Longer 

Presented by Dr Olga Runcie – Consultant Psychiatrist and Sleep Specialist.

Sleep remains a scientific enigma. It is the only physiological process for which there is a lack of scientific agreement concerning its function. Why do we need to sleep? What happens when we asleep? In this talk Dr Runcie will discuss advances in sleep neurobiology answering questions about sleep functions and mechanisms of sleep and wake control. You will learn how to use this knowledge to improve your sleep, how to develop healthier sleep routine and how to deal with anxiety and fear about not sleeping .

The event will include a supper and you may contact Diane Wood – to book a 5/10 minute personal meeting with Dr Runcie after the group presentation.