Unplugged 360 Presents: Knowing me, knowing you: how to develop a safer & more effective workplace. Mark Cowieson, Archer & David Robertson, Wild Thinking.

July 2017


Presenting an interactive session on behaviours using an industry tool called DiSC®.

DiSC® tools are designed to help everyone in any organisation or industry, from those new to the workforce to experienced leaders continuing to aspire to the next level of excellence, to understand themselves and others. Also introducing a self-reflection tool on workforce engagement which is used to improve safety leadership and culture.


Mark Cowieson – Operations Manager, Archer 

Mark is the Operations Manager at Archer, the world’s leading platform drilling provider and has mark-cowieson-docmastered the art of adding his warm and witty personality to the oil & gas industry.

Mark studied Mechanical Engineering design at Aberdeen Technical College while completing a technical apprenticeship with local crane engineering firm Sparrows.

Mark has worked in the offshore industry since 1990 and has far too many shaggy dog stories about the places and intriguing people he has been blessed to meet along the way.

Mark believes it his duty to inspire the next generation of oil industry leaders and actively shares his knowledge and experiences with university students and oil industry employees.

Mark was awarded the Oil & Gas UK award for Safety Leadership in 2012. He works tirelessly with industry bodies to improve safety standards in the offshore working environment.

He is doting father of two stroppy teenagers, (although his son will never forgive him for missing his birth when stuck offshore on an oil rig at the turn of the century) and a loving husband to a beautiful woman who has put up with an awful lot.

David Robertson – Founder and Director, Wild Thinking

david-robertsonDavid runs a people and leadership development consultancy called Wild Thinking. He is passionate about helping organisations to build sustained success by unleashing the full potential of their people. Wild Thinking uses market leading psychometric assessment tools, blended with performance coaching and facilitation techniques, to develop cohesive teams, effective leaders and strong workforce engagement.

This approach has helped leadership and major project teams in the oil and gas industry, service and public sectors to build safer and more effective working cultures and strong productivity gains.

He has worked as a consultant with many leading organisations including BP, Shell, Enquest, Cornerstone, Caledonian Bottlers, City of Edinburgh Council and Aramark.

Everything he does is based around the idea that nobody gets up in the morning with the intention of going to work to do a bad job. Where there is poor performance it is often down to lack of clarity on expectations, poor leadership, working relationships and development opportunities. Sort out the people dimension, and you create the potential for a massive performance advantage.

When he is not working with teams and leaders, David can be found on his bike, in the hills or on the touchline supporting the fantastic Kingussie shinty team.




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