POSTPONED UNTIL 14th MARCH DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS -West of Shetland: Whose bright idea was it to drill there? Claudia Piemonte and Ksenia Budkina of TOTAL

March 2018

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West of Shetland: Whose bright idea was it to drill there?

Laggan Tormore’s Geology and Total’s Drilling Experience

Claudia Piemonte – Subsea Operations, Engineering and Performance Manager, Wells Construction and Maintenance Department, TOTAL E&P UK

Ksenia Budkina – West of Shetland Geologist, TOTAL E&P UK


Total E&P UK operate four fields in the West of Shetland area which all belong to the same geological setting: deep-water turbidites of Faeroe-Shetland Basin, yet they exhibit dramatic differences from a reservoir characterization prospective. Geological understanding acquired through the exploration, appraisal and development phases of each field has resulted in valuable learnt lessons, namely:

  • Fluid prediction based on seismic response is challenging;
  • Dynamic compartmentalization is not always imaged in seismic;
  • Dynamic data acquisition at the pre-production phase can significantly reduce appraisal costs.

The presentation will also share all highlights, lowlights and lessons learnt from development drilling operations on Laggan-Tormore. The intention is to share Total’s knowledge and expertise to enhance the industry’s appetite for sanctioning future projects West of Shetland, an area well known for its harsh environment.

Total will explain how they have mitigated risks with appropriate planning, adapting equipment, applying reliable technology and the right expertise and will describe how, with these elements in place, drilling operations can be delivered on time and below budget.


claudia-pietmonteClaudia Piemonte began her career as a junior drilling engineer in Venezuela (SINCOR Orinoco heavy oil). Claudia has worked for Total for over 13 years in a variety of different drilling and wells roles across the world.

Claudia joined Total as Extended Reach Wells and Multilateral Specialist to assist worldwide affiliates in engineering and operations. From Paris Claudia was then transferred to Argentina to work as a senior drilling engineer in horizontal tight gas wells.

Before moving to Aberdeen, Claudia was in charge of the Uganda pre project (industrial drilling development) as a Drilling and Wells Leader until project sanction. In 2016 Claudia transferred to Aberdeen as Total E&P UK’s Subsea Operations, Engineering and Performance Manager within the Drilling and Wells Division.

Claudia graduated from the Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the Institut Français du Pétrôle.


ksenia-budkina-total-ep-uk-pic_croppedKsenia Budkina joined Total in 2010 as a development geologist in the in Middle East department where she worked on reservoir characterization and geomodelling of carbonate reservoirs.   In 2013 she worked as a wellsite geologist on the exploration and Laggan-Tormore development wells. In 2014 Ksenia joined the West of Shetland asset team as an asset geologist where she is involved in Laggan-Tormore development studies.





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