YP Simplified Series. Maximizing Well Productivity Through Cased Hole Logging by Nicolas Kotlar, READ Cased Hole

June 2018

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 YP Simplified Series Presents:

Maximising Well Productivity Through Cased Hole Logging

Nicolas Kotlar, Senior Analyst, READ Cased Hole

Registration and networking from 6.00 pm, with the event starting at 6.45 pm


The role of the Production Engineer is to measure the current well performance, and if this is suboptimal, to propose measures to maximize it. The techniques used to assess the performance include production logging, a variety of integrity logs, nodal analysis, pulsed neutron and pressure transient analysis, amongst others.

During the past few years, which have been dominated by a low oil price environment, it has been proven that light cased hole interventions are a key activity for maintaining production levels, reducing water production, minimising integrity risks and optimising well performance in a cost-effective way.

The above topics will be presented and discussed starting from basic concepts of Petroleum Engineering, leading to more complex operational decisions.


nicolas-kotlarNicolas is a Senior Analyst with READ Cased Hole, a specialist provider of reservoir evaluation solutions, well integrity and production optimisation. Prior to joining READ, Nicolas worked for Kappa Engineering as a Reservoir Engineer focusing on production logging and pressure/rate transient analysis. He has delivered production logging and PTA/RTA courses in more than 15 countries and is a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London. Nicolas has an MSc in Reservoir Engineering and a specialisation in Production Engineering.





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