YP Simplified Series. Subsea Asset Integrity by Matthew Kennedy, 1CSI

March 2018

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YP Simplified Series Presents: Subsea Asset Integrity by Matthew Kennedy, CEO, 1CSI

Registration and networking from 6.00 pm, with the event starting at 6.45 pm


This presentation will look at a number of inspection technologies underpinning the integrity assessment of subsea assets in the O&G and renewable (wind energy) sectors i.e.

  • ROV deployed ultrasonic inspection of subsea pipelines rigid & flexibles. This looks at automated scanners that can collect high ultrasonic resolution images for use in critical remaining life assessments.
  • Diver and ROV deployed underwater radiography of subsea pipelines. Underwater radiography can now allow in situ assessment of pipework under heavy coatings including concrete to provide the owner /operator with a critical insight into the condition of the pipework.
  • Subsea inspection of offshore wind turbine monopile structures. Offshore monopiles are being installed daily. Typically this is a single leg structure, supporting some 350 tons of turbine equipment. They stand in seawater and are subject to the stresses and strains of wind and tide. Understanding their integrity status is critical.

The above topics will be presented and discussed with an insight into how these techniques fit into the owner/operator integrity cycle.


Matthew has been involved in underwater welding and engineering for many years. He has managed the assessment of a wide range of underwater assets from risers, rigid and flexible, through manifolds, concrete coated pipelines, platform structures to offshore wave turbine structures and wind turbine monopiles. This varied portfolio has meant keeping abreast of existing and new developments in subsea inspection technologies, utilising them to provide the safest, most cost-effective inspection solutions to underpin respective owner/operators HSE fitness for service assessments.