YP Unplugged Series present – The Soft Skills of Personal Development with Uisdean Vass MD of VassPetro Limited

November 2020

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The Soft Skills of Personal Development

 Uisdean Vass – MD of VassPetro Limited

26th November at 6pm

In his talk, Uisdean will highlight how he sees values and ethics as being central to personal and career development. He will elaborate on his central value of “truth-telling” which in fact has many applications. Using this as a basis, he will elaborate on the importance of seeking out a mentor (or better mentors) to assist young people to develop balance in their careers. Beyond that young people should develop the important network of professional friends who can support them in their work and personal lives. Young people should also aggressively set themselves targets in terms of workplace participation, sports, charitable involvement and so. Social media involvement of some kind, eg LinkedIn, is now a must. Soft skills and personal development should be seen as a holistic endeavour.

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Uisdean has worked in UK and international upstream oil and gas law for 35 years.  He has law degrees from Scotland and Louisiana and has lived in the UK, USA, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil. He has worked in 7 different law firms. He has advised on upstream deals in 31 countries. He speaks four languages. He has won national awards in the UK and the US. He is a frequent author on oil industry issues. VassPetro was formed in September, 2020.