Past Events Archive: 2017

Past Events Archive: 2017

by david
December 2017

YP Simplified Series. UAVs – A Step Change in Oil and Gas Inspection by Philip Buchan, Cyberhawk.

Many offshore asset managers face a similar problem: how to inspect hard-to-reach assets, without shutting down or interrupting operations, quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) offer an innovative inspection method which dramatically reduces safety risks, maximises facility uptime and increases production efficiency. In the new, lower oil price environment, innovation is crucial to find more efficient and cost-effective ways of working. UAV inspection is being increasingly adopted for that reason. Whether used as a standalone inspection technique, or as part of a wider inspection programme as a screening tool, more and more oil and gas companies understand the benefits on offer.

November 2017

YP Simplified Series. Culture transformation & marginal gains – a Nexen culture & efficiency case study. Mike Backus, Nexen Petroleum UK Limited.

Mike will present an overview of Nexen’s journey; from Operations Excellence to a cultural transformation programme and how these have set the foundation for driving strong, sustainable performance across the operation. The presentation will reveal some interesting programmes and initiatives that have engaged the workforce to help drive these results.

October 2017

Fractals – What they can tell you about your hydrocarbon volume North Sea Example – SPE Distinguished Lecturer Dr Steve Cuddy of Baker Hughes, a GE Company.

Steve Cuddy Principal Petrophysicist, Baker Hughes, a GE company, and SPE Distinguished Lecturer   Biog: Steve Cuddy is an Honorary Research Fellow at Aberdeen University where he holds a doctorate in petrophysics. He also holds BSc (Hons.) in physics and a BSc in astrophysics and philosophy. He is currently a Principal Petrophysicist with Baker Hughes, […]

YP Simplified Series – Rigless – a misnomer? Applications to Late Well Lifecycles by Steven Canny, Weatherford.

With the current new “normal” of $50-$60 oil prices, focus has moved from well construction to late life well planning and mature basin management, to exploit infill drilling and postpone cessation of production. One industry segment that has become more visible is “Rigless” technology. What is “Rigless”? During this presentation, “Rigless” technologies and their segmentation are discussed and categorised, with focus on the design and certification of each, and the requirement variance in sectors within the North Sea.

SPE Aberdeen’s 3rd Inwell Flow Surveillance and Control Seminar – Technical Programme Out Now

“Delivering Surveillance Solutions & Driving Well Performance through Flow Control” Technical programme out now SPE Aberdeen’s 3rd Inwell Flow Surveillance and Control Seminar, sponsored by Aramco, will explore advances in reservoir surveillance and flow control in the oil and gas industry. In this cost conscious environment, it’s more important than ever to drive well work and […]

September 2017

Gannet Rejuvenation – The FULL story of the DEVEX prize winning paper – Cliff Lovelock of SHELL

Gannet Rejuvenation – The Full story of the DEVEX Prize winning paper Cliff Lovelock – Senior Production Geologist, Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd Biography: Cliff joined the industry in 1986 and worked for BP, Esso, Ranger and Schlumberger before joining Shell in Aberdeen in 1998. He currently works as a Senior Production Geologist for […]

YP Simplified Series. Technology Innovation in Upstream Oil and Gas by Dr Patrick O’Brien, ITF.

Exploring for oil and gas, and being able to produce it safely and economically is, and has always been a tough challenge. Now the oil price has dropped, and not for the first time, and our industry needs to continue to overcome these challenges, yet do it for lower costs. Undoubtedly, the industry is ripe for another wave of innovation if the industry is to sustain itself for the future. This presentation will provide insights on how the industry innovates; the current technology challenges facing the industry in the current economic context; the types of innovations being proposed and how the industry could improve how it innovates.

August 2017
July 2017
June 2017

SPE Aberdeen 7th European Well Abandonment Seminar featuring Rig Reactivation and Alternatives – Gather Data Plan Better.

With the new norm of $50-$60 oil, many mature or marginal fields are verging on being uneconomic.
With the treasury underwriting up to 75% of operator well abandonment costs in some blocks, we are all stakeholders in the abandonment of North Sea Fields.
With rig reactivation and alternative solution experiences, there has been a history of cost and time overruns and many of the lessons learnt, have not been shared throughout the industry.
This two day seminar, sponsored by Westerton (UK) Ltd. in association with Wild Well Control and Schlumberger, is an excellent opportunity to review operator lessons learned, expand knowledge and undertake CPD. FEATURING 9 OPERATOR PAPERS!

Topsides UK 2017 – Conference Programme Now Available

Topsides UK 2017 will provide a technical conference and exhibition to allow a shared platform for Operators and Supply Chain to share learnings and best practice through case studies; encouraging discussion on how to balance efficiency, integrity and investment.

May 2017

New Field Development Challenges in Late Life Setting. Billy Macrae, TAQA.

This is the story of the Cladhan field, a major, near-field, subsea development, commissioned in a high oil price, high cost climate and subsequently producing in a low oil price, low profit environment. Projects of this type play a key role in the sustainability of the North Sea. Understanding how these fields have been developed and the challenges and learnings associated with them are important if we are to maximise the economic potential of the UKCS.

Seismic 2017: ‘Seismic through the asset lifecycle’

Seismic 2017 is the first conference of its kind in Aberdeen to focus on seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation.

This conference will explore the entire spectrum of seismic, covering seismic technology, exploration, development and production throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

DEVEX 2017 – Building Resilience, Driving Growth

Featuring high quality technical presentations and intensive masterclasses, the Conference will also include an exhibition with companies from across the energy industry, as well as various other learning and networking opportunities.

YP Simplified Series – Premier Oil’s well integrity journey: leveraging software to manage well integrity by Bill Latham, Premier Oil & Cherie Henshaw, Expro.

Well integrity is defined as the application of technical, operational and organisational solutions to reduce the risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the lifecycle of a well. Well integrity topics including Risk Management, Performance Standards, Barriers and Annulus Management will be discussed at a high level as part of a collaborative case study presentation by Premier Oil and Expro.

April 2017

Operational Geochemistry at Work: Integrate or Perish! SPE Distinguished Lecturer Daniel McKinney, Sarawak Shell.

Fluid properties have a profound impact on the exploration and production business; everything from acreage positioning, subsurface evaluation, reservoir performance, top sides design, flow assurance, metallurgy, etc. relies heavily on fluid properties.

YP Unplugged 360 Series Presents: Enhancing Your Employability by Campbell Urquhart

In what remains a difficult and challenging local employment market, candidates need to do everything they can in order to stand out from the competition and succeed in getting an interview, let alone a job offer. This session will provide some practical tips and guidance on how to improve your own employability.

YP Simplified Series – Reservoir Engineering: from Seismic to Surface by Mike Smith.

Reservoir Simulation plays a key part in field development planning, and for an industry that is moving towards more complex projects, a simulation tool which uses the latest hardware and software technology is required. The purpose of this evening’s presentation is to offer a brief introduction to reservoir simulation and to discuss the key challenges faced during field development planning.

March 2017

Dry Hole Analysis: What I Have Learnt About the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry from My Failures. SPE Distinguished Lecturer Steve Mackie, Geosim Consulting Pty Ltd .

Finding and producing oil and gas are the major objectives of any upstream oil and gas company. Both, however, can be highly elusive. Dry hole analysis is an exploration methodology to determine what can be learnt from drilling failures. Using a series of case studies from my own career I look at what we can learn from “failures” – not just those that occur during exploration, appraisal and development but also those that relate to the business as a whole.

Simplified Series: The Journey to Sustainability – UKCS. Presented by Brenda Wyllie, OGA

This talk is a sequel to the January Simplified Series presentation on the Future Competiveness of the UKCS, which addressed a number of key points including, the supply and demand curve & key factors; unit costs; factors affecting our competitiveness, and what we can do as an industry to remain competitive. Brenda Wyllie will bring in fresh insight from the perspective of the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), on the considerable work being undertaken to transform the UKCS into a more competitive basin.

February 2017

Does Heavy Oil Recovery Need Steam? SPE Distinguished Lecturer Johan van Dorp – Shell

Johan van Dorp holds an MSc in Experimental Physics from Utrecht University and joined Shell in 1981. He has served on several international assignments, mainly in petroleum and reservoir engineering roles. He recently led the extra heavy-oil research team at the Shell Technology Centre in Calgary, focusing on improved in-situ heavy-oil recovery technologies.

YP Unplugged 360 Series Presents: Psychology of Great Presentations by Dr. Bill Robb

Dr. Bill Robb has been serving the oil and gas industry, onshore and offshore, in the UK and internationally since 1995. He has given numerous sessions for the YPs and in July 2010, he received an award from the Aberdeen Branch of the SPE for his outstanding contribution to health and safety in the oil and gas industry.

January 2017

SPE Aberdeen Evening Dinner Meeting: Greater Britannia Area Asset Management: Markel Hubinette, ConocoPhillips.

During the last 9 Years at ConocoPhillips Markel has worked as a Well Integrity Engineer and spent 4 years offshore at Ekofisk as Operations Engineer and Operations supervisor before returning to shore to assume the Team Lead role for the Production Delivery group in Norway. In 2014 he was sent to Aberdeen as the J-Area Development Manager and has been in his current role; Greater Britannia Area Asset Manager since 2015.

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