Past Events Archive: 2018

Past Events Archive: 2018

by david
October 2018

YP Simplified Series. Well Test Flow Back Into the Hull of a DNV DRILL(N) Class Drillship by Hussein Selim, Expro

The main challenge for the Extended Well Test operations is ensuring the flow period is continuous and uninterrupted i.e weather conditions for crude oil export to tanker and fluid stabilization for flaring operation. The solution is for fluids to be stored on-board the drillship in the storage tanks in case flaring operations cannot take place. In this case, fluids are processed through the well test package then transferred to the drillship storage tanks for further stabilization prior to controlled flaring post-test. This presentation will discuss the key design considerations.

September 2018

EOR from Micro-Scale to Field Implementation – Example of Polymer Injection. SPE Distinguished Lecturer Torsten Clemens, OMV Upstream

Various Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods have been used to increase oil production and reserves. However, implementing such projects is challenging owing to the higher complexity and larger uncertainty of EOR projects compared with conventional water flooding.

YP Simplified Series. Big Data: Making Sense of Information and Analytics in Oil and Gas by Steve Rossiter, AgileTek

Big Data has arisen from the combined progress of data storage, computing power and web technology. This talk will give a short history of these developments and then present the range of technologies that now take large amounts of data, from sources including monitoring systems, ERP/CRM systems, site and survey data and production records, and make use of the information generated.

June 2018

SPE Aberdeen Well Late Life and Well Abandonment Conference 2018

“Managing Late Life Wells to Maximise Value & Optimise Abandonment” Download programme here. The SPE Aberdeen Late Life and Abandonment Conference, sponsored by Well-Safe Solutions, is focused on maximising recovery from late-life wells, planning for abandonment, optimising abandonment operations and formulating what is required for post-abandonment monitoring. The conference, which is in its 8th year, will […]


The newly empowered Oil & Gas Authority expects “Maximising Economic Recovery” to become a byword for good Asset stewardship. Artificial Lift is key to this and “maximising economic lift” can only be achieved by innovative technology and collaboration across traditional operator/service company and operator/operator boundaries. The biennial EuALF is a well-established forum organised by SPE Aberdeen for artificial lift professionals specifically to promote technology, innovation and collaboration throughout the Artificial Lift Life Cycle.

YP Simplified Series. Maximizing Well Productivity Through Cased Hole Logging by Nicolas Kotlar, READ Cased Hole

During the past few years, which have been dominated by a low oil price environment, it has been proven that light cased hole interventions are a key activity for maintaining production levels, reducing water production, minimising integrity risks and optimising well performance in a cost-effective way. These topics will be presented and discussed starting from basic concepts of Petroleum Engineering, leading to more complex operational decisions.

May 2018

Solan Subsea Storage – Marcos Monteferrante of PREMIER OIL

The Solan Oil Field development includes several innovative features which enables full remote control form an onshore control room in Aberdeen. One of the most novel feature was the construction of a subsea storage oil tank (SOST), located » 300 metres from the platform, with the aim to provide operational flexibility for such a remote harsh weather installation. The concept selection, design, fabrication, installation and operation are the subject of this presentation.

Topsides UK 2018

TOPSIDES UK Conference and Exhibitions returns for 2018 With a strong focus on maximising economic recovery (MER), it is increasingly important for companies to demonstrate how they are working collaboratively, efficiently and innovatively to ensure optimised production throughout the lifetime of an individual asset. Topsides UK 2018 continues to provide a platform for companies to […]

DEVEX 2018 – Working together from pore space to pipeline.

Working together from pore space to pipeline. Programme now available – download here. This year, DEVEX2018 will return to Aberdeen for the 15th year, and is the only technical conference of its size which is focused on the full cycle of reservoir discovery, evaluation, development and recovery in the UK. The strong technical program attracts interest […]

YP Simplified Series. Maximising Field Recovery with Uncertain Seismic Characterisation by Russell Anderson, ConocoPhillips

The Brodgar field is tied back to the Britannia Facilities through a three well subsea manifold. It was discovered in 1985 and came online in 2008. A further infill well was directionally drilled in 2015 using deep reading resistivity technology to image the water contact and top structure. Due to a high degree of structural uncertainty away from well control there is a large range of potential geologic gas volumes associated with the field. Understanding the size of potential gas volumes to the west has been key to future well planning.

SEISMIC 2018 ‘Seismic through the asset lifecycle – building for the future’.

Following the success of Seismic2017, Seismic2018 will again explore the entire spectrum of seismic technology from exploration through to development and production to abandonment – the lifecycle of the asset. The conference will cover Seismic Acquisition, Processing, Abandonment, Velocity Modelling and 4D Seismic along with a panel discussion on the Seismic Industry – Past, Present and Future. Keynote presentations […]

April 2018

Wireless Monitoring Reduces Reservoir Uncertainties in Suspended and Abandoned Subsea Wells. Donald Horsfall of EXPRO

The CaTS™ wireless gauge technology has been used for real‐time reservoir data monitoring in subsea wells since 2006 and is part of an 18 year continuous technology development for wireless communication in oil & gas wells. The presentation will describe how the technology was successfully deployed as part of a drill stem test to monitor the reservoir to reduce uncertainties

Unplugged 360 Presents: The Gig Economy: Why Oil & Gas is a Natural Fit. Tim Clarke, Hitch Advisor Ltd.

The gig/on-demand economy has been heralded by the arrival of technology companies who have disrupted traditional marketplaces. What does this mean for the oil industry, a largely white-collar sector? Currently focused on the lower end of employment, the big disruptive effect of the Gig Economy is likely to be around roles that are specialist and rarefied in nature, delivered by more experienced and expensive people. Access to known talent at short notice on a “pay as you go” basis at a reasonable price should be a no-brainer, but there are risks and pitfalls for employers and contractors alike.

YP Simplified Series. The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry by Ian Phillips, OGIC

“The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry” presents two very contradictory views of the future of the oil and gas industry around the world. The first half will present a very positive view of the industry – growing energy demand and global population, continually increasing conventional reserves, and a wide range of potential new sources of oil and gas. The second half will review the potential impact of climate change on the industry – in less than 15 years we will likely have exceeded a 2ᵒC rise in the temperature of the planet.

March 2018

Integrated Historical WorkFlows: Maximising the value of a mature asset – SPE Distinguished Lecturer Anne Valentine of SCHLUMBERGER

Industry studies show that mature fields currently account for over 70% of the world’s oil and gas production. Increasing production rates and ultimate recovery in these fields in order to maintain profitable operations, without increasing costs, is a common challenge.
This presentation addresses techniques to extract maximum value from historical production data using quick workflows based on common sense. Extensive in-depth reservoir studies are obviously very valuable, but not all situations require these, particularly in the case of brown fields where the cost of the study may outweigh the benefits of the resulting recommendations.

SPE Aberdeen & Sand Management Network: 8th Sand Management Euroforum 2018. Programme Now Available.

We invite you to participate in this specialist continuing education event to share knowledge and help drive forward and develop industry best practice. The two-day conference will feature presentations from leading operators and service companies in the sector, particularly focusing on driving value and performance in the industry.

Offshore Achievement Awards 22nd March 2018

The SPE Aberdeen Offshore Achievement Awards (OAA) is the biggest and longest established oil, gas and renewables industry awards for the UK offshore energy sector, covering all aspects from supply to upstream operations and offshore renewables. For over thirty  years, the awards have been celebrating and encouraging innovation and collaboration in the oil & gas […]

POSTPONED UNTIL 14th MARCH DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS -West of Shetland: Whose bright idea was it to drill there? Claudia Piemonte and Ksenia Budkina of TOTAL

This presentation will share all highlights, lowlights and lessons learnt from development drilling operations on Laggan-Tormore. The intention is to share Total’s knowledge and expertise to enhance the industry’s appetite for sanctioning future projects West of Shetland, an area well known for its harsh environment.
Total will explain how they have mitigated risks with appropriate planning, adapting equipment, applying reliable technology and the right expertise and will describe how, with these elements in place, drilling operations can be delivered on time and below budget.