Past Events Archive: 2019

Past Events Archive: 2019

by david
December 2019

YP Simplified Series. Technology and Innovation, Ana Pires de Almeida, OGTC

The oil and gas industry can be an enabler for the transition to a net zero economy: powering the delivery of new wind farms, driving the creation of hydrogen and carbon storage economies, enabling healthy and productive lives. In order to achieve this transition, it is important to look at the Industry’s own carbon footprint and find options to minimise emissions. This presentation will focus on the role of technology and innovation in unlocking decarbonisation opportunities, integrating offshore energy sources and transitioning to a net zero offshore industry that supports national goals.

November 2019

The Keys to Unlocking Future UK Production. Dave Moseley, Westwood Global Energy

Production from the UK is expected to decline from 2020 for the first time in seven years. Based on existing assets, fields under development and those considered commercial for development, current production forecasts fall 700,000 boepd short of the OGA’s target of one million boepd in 2035. In this presentation Westwood Energy will discuss the three main areas and the associated challenges and opportunities in reducing this decline.

Offshore Decommissioning Conference

The 2019 conference, run jointly by Decom North Sea and OGUK, will take place from 25 – 27 November at the Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews.
The industry will spend around £15 billion over the next decade on decommissioning on the UKCS and is committed to delivering a safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective outcome. Globally, the decommissioning market is estimated to be worth over $80 billion over the next ten years and companies which show mastery of decommissioning in the UK will be well positioned to secure a share of the rapidly growing international market. (OGUK Decommissioning Insight Report 2018).

YP TechTour – Safe Influx

The next YP TechTour takes place on 21st November at Safe Influx. Safe Influx is a pioneer in providing automatic well control to take away human error for the safest well possible. This event will include an overview of their technology. showcasing how enabling early kick detection and shut-in activation makes the well control process safer on every drilling rig regardless of location, water depth or rig type.

SPE ICoTA 25th European Well Intervention Conference – Technical Programme Now Live

The 25th SPE ICoTA European Well Intervention Conference is the largest and longest established conference of its kind in Europe and is attended by a strong mix of disciplines including intervention, integrity, production, completions and subsurface engineers. Abstracts are now open and we want to hear your solutions, technologies and case histories that address Operator issues and the key themes from the benchmark UK 2018 Oil and Gas Authority Report.

October 2019

Avoid Self-Sabotage and Promote Yourself with Confidence. Laura Ross, Thorpe Molloy Recruitment

Many of us find it hard to identify our skills and talk about our abilities – and it’s holding us back! Experienced recruiter, Laura Ross, will reveal what recruiters are looking for and share simple tactics that will enable you to pack a proverbial punch in your CV and perform like a star in interviews.

YP Unplugged 360 Series: The Real Deal – Being Authentic and Bringing Your Whole Self to Work. Carla Riddell, Spirit Energy

Being authentic leadership is often described as one of the characteristics of great influencers, whereas a lack of openness can be a sure-fire way to reduce trust levels and confidence in your point of view.
We’ll talk about how to recognise your own personal brand, how you show up and what this means in terms of getting your messages across in a genuine way. Recognising your own personality and inherent biases can also affect your ability to make good decisions and fit into a team – key skills in the Petroleum Industry. By recognising your own style and work preferences you have more tools to be impactful, get ahead and avoid the exhaustion which comes with trying to be someone you’re not.

Transforming Controls Safety and Security – How Safe is your Asset?

Digital transformation, functional safety and cyber security are often discussed in isolation in the process control industry. However, data, analytics and remote access, are now used to improve safety, reduce cost and increase efficiency of assets, this merges these areas and they should collectively be discussed as segments of the digital solution. This conference jointly organised by InstMC and SPE Aberdeen will provide a forum for discussing the issues with subject matter experts, leaving you with ideas to consider and workable solutions.

What’s in the Margin? Rising to the Challenge of Developing Marginal Reserves – David Kemp, Serica Energy

What’s in the Margin? Rising to the Challenge of Developing Marginal Reserves David Kemp, Senior Controls and Instruments Engineer, Serica Energy Click here for presentation Abstract: Marginal fields are, as the name suggests, marginal. By definition, the economics of development are not compelling, often requiring creativity, cost optimisation and above average connected volumes, well productivity […]

SPE Aberdeen Young Professionals (YP) New Members Night: An introduction to the YP community and the key to your future career.

Are you in the final year of your degree program and looking to take the next steps to take you forward to an exciting career in Oil & Gas? Are you new to the industry with less than three years’ experience looking to expand your network? SPE Aberdeen Young Professionals network are hosting an event […]

YP Simplified Series. Pipeline Corrosion Management Framework. Marguerite Forde, ROSEN (UK)

So why is corrosion still one of the main threats compromising pipeline integrity and reducing operational life? How often are pipelines inspected as a routine activity? How often is the same inspection repeated without considering in detail “why”, or fully investigating what the inspection data is really telling us about the pipeline’s condition? Drawing on ROSEN’s experience of working with pipeline operators, we have combined the effectiveness of various corrosion management methods, the efficiency of inspection methods and the development of analytical techniques to form a Corrosion Management Framework that illustrates, what we consider to be, industry best-practice.

SPE Aberdeen Inwell Monitoring & Surveillance Seminar 2019

SPE Aberdeen Inwell Monitoring & Surveillance Seminar 2019  Transforming Data to Barrels Presentations available for download: Reservoir Surveillance Challenge: Cambo – Jon Ashdown, Siccar Point. View here. Galapagos Field Redevelopment (NW Hutton and Darwin) in the East Shetland Basin. Jeb Tyrie, Bridge Petroleum. View here. Data quality assurance methods for improved distributed temperature sensing (DTS) data […]

September 2019

Outer Moray Firth Special Interest Group – Collaborating at Scale – Maurice Bamford, 1st Subsurface and Dr Colin Percival, Park Mead Group

Outer Moray Firth Special Interest Group – Collaborating at Scale Maurice Bamford, 1st Subsurface & Dr. Colin Percival Parkmead Group. The Outer Moray Firth SIG is the first industry lead group to take on the development of a UKCS MER Area Plan at a basin scale. The operators, licensees, prospective licensees and infrastructure owners have […]

Personal Resilience event – Sleep Better and Live Longer

Our personal resilience events are back. In conjunction with BMI Albyn Hospital we are delighted to announce that the first event is on Sleep. Sleep Better and Live Longer  Presented by Dr Olga Runcie – Consultant Psychiatrist and Sleep Specialist. Sleep remains a scientific enigma. It is the only physiological process for which there is […]

YP Simplified Series. Hydrocarbon Accounting… Much More Than Counting Barrels. Steve Penman, Adept Solutions

Hydrocarbon accounting is the cash register of an operator’s oil and gas business. The accuracy and timeliness of hydrocarbon accounting is essential in order to satisfy joint venture partners, allow operators to make the best commercial decisions, and to fulfil the requirements of the industry regulators. In this presentation, Steve Penman, Adept Solutions, what Hydrocarbon Accounting is, what is required in order to manage it successfully and common areas where things can go wrong.

SPE Aberdeen YPs Emerging Engineers Forum – Embracing Change

Emerging Engineers Forum – Embracing Change   This year’s Emerging Engineers Forum is organised as a part of Inspire Programme at Offshore Europe 2019. This year we are looking at the theme of ‘ Embracing Change’ in the North Sea to combat the mature nature of the basin and the increasing pressure of public opinion […]

Offshore Europe 2019 – Register to attend now.

SPE Offshore Europe is recognised by offshore E&P professionals as the leading global E&P event. Attending will ensure you are up to date with the most significant technologies and can connect with a global network of more than 36,000 attendees from across 100 countries worldwide. SPE Offshore Europe is created by the industry, for the […]

August 2019

SPE Aberdeen Section Kick off Meeting

SPE Aberdeen Section Annual Kick off Meeting We are delighted to invite you to the launch of the 2019 – 2020 SPE Aberdeen session. This event is a great opportunity to hear what is in store for the session ahead. We are always interested in getting more SPE Aberdeen members involved in our activities, so […]

July 2019

EI YPN event : “Scotland’s Future Energy Policy” 4th July 2019

Scotland’s energy policy is changing to reflect the different demands of Maximising Economic Recovery (MER) and the decarbonisation goals presented by the Paris Agreement. Many exciting initiatives are being implemented at a national and local level, by both the public and private sectors, to deliver these ambitious targets and manage an economically sound transition. These […]

June 2019

SPE Aberdeen 9th Well Abandonment Symposium

SPE Aberdeen 9th Well Abandonment Symposium – 26-27 June 2019, AECC Download Technical Programme here. The SPE Aberdeen Well Abandonment seminar, which is in its 9th year, will benefit from bringing together those specialising in the areas of production optimisation, well integrity and those focused on abandonment operations from major operators, service companies and regulators.   […]

4D Seismic History Matching. SPE Distinguished Lecturer Paul Mitchell, TAQA

4D Seismic History Matching. Paul Mitchell, TAQA & SPE Distinguished Lecturer   Abstract: This presentation will show how time-lapse or 4D seismic data can be used as an additional constraint to history match reservoir models in a 4D Seismic History Matching (4D SHM) workflow. 4D SHM is the process of developing reservoir models that are […]

Risk and Uncertainty Forum – AAPG

Risk and Uncertainty Forum Organised by American Association of  Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) This forum aims to bring together industry professionals, academic, and independent researchers to discuss how we benchmark and improve our approach to risk and uncertainties in exploration, appraisal, development and production. The format of the forum is designed to provide an interactive and […]

May 2019

YP Unplugged 360: Introduction to Project Management. Rob Rothwell, PMI UK Aberdeen Branch Chair

This presentation will introduce projects and project management. It will define what a project is, then take you through the five key questions you need to ask about any project. It will then introduce the PMI process groups and knowledge areas. This will provide a framework for how to understand and successfully manage projects. As a result, you will have more chance of bringing in projects on time, in full, and under budget.

Topsides UK 2019

  Technical Programme Now Available – Download Here. With the continued focus on maximising economic recovery (MER) within the UKCS, and taking into account Vision 2035, being driven by the Oil & Gas Authority and Oil & Gas UK, it continues to be important for companies to work together to ensure that there are the […]

Seismic 2019

Seismic 2019 will explore the entire spectrum of seismic technology from exploration through development and production to abandonment – the lifecycle of the asset.
The conference will focus on advances in seismic acquisition, processing and quantitative interpretation, how these are being applied and provide value. Other themes include machine learning in seismic interpretation to compliment manual interpretation; seismic aspects of integrated reservoir modelling; borehole seismic and non-seismic technologies.

YP Simplified Series. The Energy Transition and the Oil & Gas Sector. Sam Gomersall, Pale Blue Dot Energy

The hydrocarbon reserves already discovered cannot be produced if we are to meet our Paris Climate Change obligations. This presents a significant challenge for the O&G sector. Young professionals today will be working in a very different world when they retire in 20-30 years time. The energy transition is a massive challenge or a massive opportunity depending on your approach. Sam will discuss energy transition activity in carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen and electrification which present an opportunity for the O&G supply chain and the professionals within.

April 2019

Alternatives to Welding – Creative Solutions for Pressure and Strength Retention.

Non-welded mechanical connectors is becoming a growth area as platforms are decommissioned or modified. This conference will share knowledge, new technologies and provide clarity on industry guidelines, in line with the Regulatory requirements. Important issues such as demonstrating integrity, achieving compliance approval, risk assurance and technical compliance will be addressed.

March 2019