Past Events Archive: 2019

Past Events Archive: 2019

by david
February 2020

YP Simplified Series. Innovative Completion Technologies – Communication is the Key to Success. Bruce Robertson, Weatherford

Many industries, particularly safety critical one’s are reluctant to change, preferring instead conventional “time-proven” solutions and the oil industry is no different. It’s often said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, the sustained lower oil price environment is the necessity that the industry has needed to drive it towards innovative technologies. This talk will review two case-studies where innovative technology has been applied successfully to hydraulically fracture a 7-zone, 1,500m horizontal section and to install a single-trip completion in a challenging deep-water environment shortening install time by half.

January 2020

YP TechTour – TechnipFMC ROV

The first Tech Tour of 2020 will be hosted by TechnipFMC and takes place on 29th January. The event will entail an exciting presentation of their ROV activities and capabilities and a tour of their workshop facilities. This will include an opportunity to try piloting an ROV on a simulator and a first hand look at some of the tools.

Energy Transition and the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry. Ian Phillips, OGIC

With world population rising and our ability to develop hydrocarbon reserves continuing to be strong this should be the ideal business environment for the Oil and Gas industry to grow and thrive. However some Investors are refusing to invest in oil and gas. The catch is that burning oil and gas emits carbon dioxide causing huge changes to the climate. The global energy supply is evolving rapidly. The presentation will consider decarbonising oil and gas, renewable energy and the potential impact on how we live.

Decom North Sea Networking Breakfast & Exhibition

Decom North Sea January Networking Breakfast And Exhibition. With presentations from industry leaders Neptune Energy and Repsol Sinopec Resources, this will be a great opportunity to learn, advertise and network.