Past Events Archive: 2019

Past Events Archive: 2019

by neil
October 2021

IOM3 London – A Material Challenge: From Fossil Fuels to Net Zero

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining London Presents: A Material Challenge: From Fossil Fuels to Net Zero This is a one-day seminar organised by the Energy Transition and Energy Materials Groups of IOM3 London blended with live online streaming. As the global network for the materials cycle, promoting sustainability in the extraction, processing and use […]

September 2021

Virtual Event – Geothermal Energy’s Role in an Evolving Carbon Reduction World. Catherine Hickson, Alberta No. 1

Catherine’s talk, will focus on what geothermal energy is all about and how geothermal energy development is different than oil and gas extraction. She will highlight the synergies between the two fields of energy extraction, but also point out the differences and why they are important for development. 

SPE Aberdeen Section 2021-2022 Session Launch

We are delighted to invite you to the online launch of the 2021 – 2022 session.

This event is a great opportunity to hear what is in store for the session ahead. We are always interested in getting more SPE Aberdeen members involved in our activities, so come along and hear our committee chairs talk passionately about their committees, events, and hear what being a volunteer can offer you.

Technical Webinar. Reducing Well Control Incidents – A Case For Automated Well Control. Mark Gillard, Safe Influx

Mark Gillard, Technical Manager at Safe Influx Limited will use this session to look at recent data, detail an analogy in industry automation (with its benefits) and introduce the Automated Well Control system developed by Safe Influx which will integrate into existing traditional and cyber rig applications, will complement MPD applications and provide additional cost and time benefits for well operations.

SPE Offshore Europe 2021 Virtual Conference

Recognised by offshore energy professionals as Europe’s leading event, SPE Offshore Europe brings together new and innovative ways to move the upstream industry forward. Whilst a face to face event isn’t possible this year, SPE Offshore Europe will continue to support the Oil and Gas industry by providing high-level content from renowned industry thought-leaders. This […]

August 2021

Virtual Event – Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage – Al Tucker, Shell

SPE Aberdeen Net Zero Committee Presents: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Al Tucker, General Manager CCUS, Royal Dutch Shell Biography: Al has 25 years of Oil and Gas experience. He holds a degrees in Geology and a Masters in Petroleum Geology. His career started as a Petroleum Engineer working in the North Sea. Al has […]

June 2021

Constructive Conversations – Spotlight on Inclusive Engagement: Dare to Care!

“Constructive Conversations”, is a series of collaborative discussion events hosted by SPE Aberdeen & the Energy Institute (AHI). Our first discussion centres around “Inclusive Engagement”, and we invite you to join us for an interactive, non-judgmental discussion. We hope to discuss topics such as bias within the workplace, assumptions, stereotypes, psychological safety, the need for inclusion and how feeling excluded might affect mental health, performance and ultimately safety – the agenda for the full series is yet to be defined and we can’t wait to get your input.

SPE Virtual International Oilfield Corrosion Conference and Exhibition

The SPE International Oilfield Corrosion Conference and Exhibition 2021 brings together leading academics, scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered within the oilfield corrosion community. This conference will address both current and new challenges that come hand in hand with the wide spectrum of requirements for effective corrosion management throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

DEVEX 2021

DEVEX is the only technical conference of its size which is focused on the full E&P project cycle: from exploration, appraisal, development and production (early, mid and late life) through to decommissioning. The conference provides excellent opportunities for petroleum and reservoir engineers, geoscientists and geophysicists and geologists to come together and share knowledge. Transitioning to a low carbon industry will be a key theme where we will look at the opportunities, skills required and how we can work together to maximise economic recovery and build back better!

May 2021

Energising The Energy Transition. Paul de Leeuw, RGU

2021 will probably be defined by the global response to COVID-19 and the climate emergency. The global vaccination programme, the upcoming United Nations COP26 conference and the prospect to build a better and greener society will provide the opportunity to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. Against this backdrop, Professor Paul de Leeuw from Robert Gordon University will talk about how we can build on this positive momentum to manage the energy transition and to ensure the sustainability of our planet.

Seismic 2021 – Virtual Programme Available!

The role of seismic in the energy mix is difficult to overstate. Seismic 2021 will cover the entire geophysical spectrum, from exploration through appraisal, development and production and through to abandonment and repurposing for CCS – the full lifecycle potential of the asset. We will also focus on how seismic supports both the UK’s MER strategy and its Net Zero ambitions, as well how seismic can sustainably support the increasing development of renewables into the energy mix.

Decom Week 2021

Decom Week 2021 will focus on all aspects of energy decommissioning – oil & gas, renewables, circular economy, marine, salvage, and nuclear – and provide tangible insight into the sector, covering tech talks, equipment demonstrations, topical discussions, and location tours. Decom Week will also host the largest ever update on decommissioning projects.

SPE Aberdeen Well Decommissioning Symposium – Virtual Programme Available!

Well Abandonment 2021 is in its 10th year and will bring together those specialising in the areas of production optimisation, well integrity and those focused on abandonment operations from major operators, service companies and regulators.

March 2021

Decarbonising Decom – The Next Generation’s Perspective

Discussing the decarbonisation of decommissioning, this SPE Aberdeen and Decom North Sea collaboration event brings academics and industry insiders together. The agenda includes insightful presentations from notable speakers and SPE Aberdeen bursary awardees, followed by a panel discussion, giving an overview of current thought and the next generation’s perspective.

Oil and Gas Expertise for Unconventional Geothermal Opportunities. Gioia Falcone, University of Glasgow

Geothermal energy is a constant and independent form of renewable energy and plays a key role towards the decarbonisation of the energy sector. While most of the conventional hydrothermal resources have already been discovered and exploited across continents, the greatest potential for future geothermal energy production and thermal energy storage lies in unconventional settings. This talk will review the principles and uses of geothermal energy in today’s energy mix and discuss unconventional geothermal settings and engineering solutions, highlighting how hydrocarbon expertise can complement geothermal exploitation and identifying areas where future research efforts should be addressed to enhance technology transfer.

SPE / IADC Virtual International Drilling Conference and Exhibition

The SPE/IADC Virtual International Drilling Conference and Exhibition is a unique experience where leaders and innovators can discover, network and advance the scientific understanding of drilling in oil and gas exploration and production. This virtual event is dedicated to the drilling community and brings unrivalled technical content highlighting the latest news, trends, innovations and technical solutions affecting the sector. 

Hot and Cold – Assuring fit for purpose joints – Welded and Non-Welded Connections. Virtual Events

The aim of this conference is to share knowledge and experiences of different types of hot and cold connections including what to look out for to equip engineers working at all levels to be able to ensure joints are fit for purpose. We will address the pitfalls and provide tips and important things to watch out for upfront during installation and throughout the life of the joint.

February 2021

Energy Transition In Action – The Acorn Project. Ian Phillips, Pale Blue Dot Energy

During this webinar, Ian will provide an overview of two related projects – Acorn CCS and Acorn Hydrogen – which together are likely to be the UK’s first CCS and “blue” hydrogen projects.  He will review the potential build-out possibilities that would make Acorn a major contributor to net zero targets in Scotland, the UK and Europe.  Finally he will discuss some of the technical, regulatory and commercial challenges that this “first of a kind” project faces.

EuALF – European Artificial Lift Forum – Virtual Events

EuALF is a well-established forum organised by SPE Aberdeen for artificial lift professionals specifically to promote technology, innovation and collaboration throughout the Artificial Lift Life Cycle. Virtual programme is now live and bookings open.

January 2021

The Road Ahead For SPE & How You Can Play Your Part – 2021 SPE President Tom Blasingame

We are delighted to start our 2021 webinar series with a presentation by Tom Blasingame, 2021 SPE President. This event takes place on Wednesday 20th January 2021, 17.00, and Tom will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing SPE. There will be a Q&A at the end of the presentation and we invite you to submit your questions ahead of the event. This webinar will take place via Zoom.