Oil and Gas separation optimisation with Wally Georgie of Maxoil Process Consultancy

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Oil and Gas separation optimisation with Wally Georgie of Maxoil Process Consultancy

Wednesday 5th June 2024 at 12.00pm

Location: Union Kirk, 333 Union Street, Aberdeen AB11 6BS (access from Langstane Place)

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'An Effective Oil Water Separation, what does it mean to field operation, in terms of productivity, operation cost, meeting the environmental regulations and reducing carbon footprint' with Wally Georgie , Maxoil Process Consultancy and currently Chairman of SPE STTS Technical Group.

Optimum design of the main separation system is a crucial element in achieving
effective operation, maximizing oil production, minimizing downtime of the gas
compression, maintaining and achieving the required produced water quality for
discharge. Regardless of the field status, new or mature field, the design and the conditions of the separation system can play a major part in ensuring plant regularities. There are many elements in the separation system, including system line up, type and size of inlet nozzles, vessel internals configuration, instrumentation and type of instrumentation, control system and separation plant hygiene, are factors that will have influence on the oil quality out of the plant, clean gas separation or gas carry over and flaring, as well as water quality for discharge.

Understanding the different aspects and functionalities of the separation system can also save both time and money in troubleshooting the system as a whole and more effectively. The separation system, can often be the root cause to several issues including poor oil, water and gas qualities, excessive use of different production chemicals to overcome process problems that are not fully understood but most likely caused by an element or elements in individual separator vessel, or cut down production to overcome some operational problems.

This presentation will discuss some of the key aspects to understand how to address and to overcome some of these operational separation problems.


Wally Georgie has over 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry,
namely in oil and gas operation, processing, separation, fluid handling and
system integrity. He specializes in Oil Water Separation, Produced Water
Treatment and Management, Water Injection systems operation and
treatment, Sand and Solid Management, Gas processing and treatment, Flow
Assurance, Corrosion Engineering and Integrity, Sour production, all aspects
of Production Chemistry Management, Operation Assurance process design
review of both Green and Brown field developments.
He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Technology Strathclyde University Glasgow
Scotland (1977).

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