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Elliot Kinch

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What career advice would you give your younger self?

Concentration is key, I was always the child who looked out of the window (distracted), wishing I was able to start on the career path as soon as possible. Ensure you get the most out of your secondary schooling, this will give you so many more opportunities and options on a career or progressing to a further vocational or academic education.

What do you think are the benefits of being a member of SPE?

The benefits which can be obtained as a member of the SPE, are to gain knowledge, network with industry like-minded individuals and mentor the next generation to inherit this great industry. Volunteering for SPE is a great way to give back, to an industry which has very much to give.

Best Achievement so far?

Obviously my best personal achievement would be my family, wife and 2 boys, and my best career achievement is graduating with an MSc in Oil and Gas Enterprise Management in November 2011; this was after working in the oil and gas service sector for 17 years. I wanted to take a different direction with my career and as I hadn’t obtained an undergraduate degree undertaking an MSc was a major challenge but a very rewarding one.

Anything you would do differently?

Not really but I probably would have concentrated more on the school subjects I had not much interest in, this would have offered me more options when leaving. The big question is does an individual really know what he/she would like to do career-wise at the age of 16 – 18 years old??

Who has been your greatest influence?

As a family ingrained in the oil and gas sector I followed my father in to the industry, I’m now in my 23rd year. My father was a big influence in my career choice to join the industry; I left school at the age of 16 on a Thursday and started a workshop apprenticeship the following Tuesday, out of the frying pan in to the fire and right on the bottom rung of the ladder. But I think that is what I enjoyed the best learning the trade, earning some money and progressing through the ranks. That is what I gave my father great respect for, allowing me my first opportunity with plenty of life challenges.

What’s your idea of perfect retirement?

Retirement, what’s that? It hasn’t crossed my mind as it is obviously a long way, away. I will always be dabbling with something, but too early to say what but it would certainly involve my family, my wife and 2 boys.

What is the best way to motivate others?

Motivating others is best achieved with listening, respect and encouragement; the more you listen the better you can motivate others to achieve their objectives. Respect the views and opinions of the person to help them attain their goals. The more encouragement offered hopefully the better the outcome; everyone likes to feel that they have achieved their ultimate goal and some, though not all, like some sort of acknowledgement.

Your favourite stress-buster?

I believe my best stress-buster is exercise and hobbies, I’m a keen cyclist, swimmer, and skier. I also like a good competition, as it keeps a sharp mind, whether it is Go-karting or Clay Pigeon shooting.

What are you reading, listening to or glued to on TV?

My wife bought me a Sonos system for my birthday, so I have been enjoying the clarity of my favourite bands since installing this unit in my living room, the best way to listen to it is VERY LOUD!!

If you were a character in a TV series or movie who would you be?

As a big fan of James Bond, I would like to the one on the villains. The franchise has gone through a big transition from the Sean Connery era… but I would have to have a unique name and world domination as my objective.

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