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Chair's Address: March 2022

Chair's Address: March 2022

March 2022

Friends & Colleagues, It’s here. The 35th Annual* Offshore Achievement Awards. Our night, where we recognise the huge achievements of individuals and companies who continue to innovate, inspire, and offer transformation and improvement to our industry, will be held at the P&J Live on Thursday evening. I anticipate a great evening of celebration, a chance to re-connect with those we’ve not had the fortune to meet in recent times. We will again be joined by our “resident” host Rachel Riley, who will doubtless keep us all in check and on time. If you are a finalist, congratulations, you are already a winner. If you are attending in support of a finalist or a sponsoring company, thank you, you make it possible to hold these events. If you are just visiting, your support is also appreciated so be sure to come and say hello to myself or any of the small army that makes up the judging panel and the organising team. * The 34th OAA was cruelly shut down at less than a week’s notice back in 2020; with the advantage of hindsight we had much more to worry about going forward than the postponement of an awards dinner. The 34th event was rescheduled and ultimately delivered as a virtual occasion. This week’s event is the first live OAA since 2019 and a return to our regular “Annual” Offshore Achievement Awards. In more regular news, the final lifting of most of the remaining restrictions opens the floodgates for us to return with a more regular programme, much of which is listed below. We’ll still be maintaining regular online content as it is often more suited to current working practices and allows us to reach a wider audience than we would otherwise. If I don’t speak to you at the OAAs, I’ll hopefully speak to you at something else soon. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions about SPE Aberdeen are always welcome, get in touch via the links below. Thanks, Graham Graham Dallas SPE Aberdeen Chair

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