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Vice Chair's Address: November 2020

Vice Chair's Address: November 2020

November 2020

Dear SPE Aberdeen members, colleagues and friends, Kenny is taking some well-earned leave and has asked me to provide this month’s missive, so having been handed the keys to the Sweetie Shop here goes. Where do we see ourselves over the next 6, 12, or even 18 months? To answer this, I will take a quote from The Empire Strikes Back (40 years old last month), “Difficult to see, always in motion is the future”. One thing is for sure, we are in transition. Home/work life is transitioning to the new normal, we have a digital transition as we harness and develop new technologies, and of course the Energy Transition where the world requires us to scale back fossil fuels and move further into renewables in order to meet the Net Zero targets. I’ve recently been tasked with starting an Energy Transition committee within SPE Aberdeen to make sure we have a seat at the table in this debate, and to ensure we can steer our members and stay at the forefront of this changing landscape. I put a call out to the board with a reasonable idea in my head what we could/should do under this banner. I could not have been further from the truth. In a few hours I had many responses, lists of topics, technical focus areas, technology development ideas, and much more besides. We need to correlate these thoughts and ideas, set out some goals and objectives, and get after it. This will be one of the most critical and certainly exciting committees as we move forward in this transition. Want to be a part of it? Please get in touch, we want to hear from you, especially the YPs as its your generation that will be impacted most. I’ll sign off with another cheeky quote from the same character as earlier as it reflects Kenny’s from last month and fits well with one of the SPE’s core values. “Pass on what you have learned”. Stay safe and speak soon. Graham   Graham Dallas SPE Aberdeen Vice Chair

Interested in finding out more about the Aberdeen section, or would you like to get involved, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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