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DEVEX Field Trip Thursday 30th May

Devex Field Trip: Deformed & Undeformed Permian Hopeman Sandstone, Moray Firth.

Thursday 30th May 7.30am

This trip will be a full-day excursion to the Moray Coast to study excellent reservoir quality (aeolian dune) sandstones of Permian age and the subsequent degradation of reservoir quality. In particular, the impact of water/air (escape) deformation and later faulting (deformation bands) upon hydrocarbon exploration/development and carbon storage and geothermal projects will be examined.

Fig.1. Preliminary localities. #5 will be visited if time permits.

Spectacular water/air escape structures can be observed above undeformed dune bedding at Covesea Cliffs (Locality 1; Fig. 2). There is also later (tectonic) deformation of the sandstone by faults/deformation bands. These have likely had a bigger impact upon reservoir quality than the water/air escape structures. We will visit the damage zone of the Burghead Fault (Locality 4; Fig. 3) assessing its impact upon fluid flow and how such sub-seismic structures can be predicted in analogous subsurface settings. This is an ideal opportunity to learn about fault sealing/baffling potential for sand/sand juxtapositions with trace amounts of clay. In these situations, widely used industry algorithms such as the shale-gouge ratio (SGR) are of limited value.

The sedimentology and reservoir quality of the undeformed Hopeman Sandstone will be compared to the younger (Triassic) Burghead Beds at Burghead harbour (Locality 3). If time permits, there will be a visit to the Clashach fault and neighbouring quarry which is host to a display of reptile footprints (Locality 5).

Fig. 2. Dune bedding (bottom) deformed upwards by water/air escape structures (Covesea cliffs, Locality 1).

Fig. 3. White coloured deformation bands with pods of undeformed sandstone.

Compound zone of deformation bands with fault-like appearance (Cummingston foreshore, Locality 4).

This trip will be led by Steven Ogilvie who is a consultant structural geologist with over 20 years international experience working upstream appraisal, development, and exploration projects. Since 2016, he has been providing structural geology consultancy through Ogilvie Geoscience Ltd.

Bus transport will be provided leaving the Kingswells Park and Ride at 7.30am and returning back at approximately 6.30pm. Lunch at Hopeman Golf Club will be included.

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