2 weeks to nomination deadline - more top tips

November 2015

Each year, OAA is delighted to be supported by an esteemed panel of industry experts who commit their time to judge the nominations.

One member of this panel, Alan Dick, Vice President at Simmons & Company International, has been judging OAA entries for over 10 years. Throughout this time he has seen his fair share of nominations, and has provided some top tips for those entering the 2016 awards.

Get the right combination

"One of the fundamentals of a good award entry is having the right combination of technical detail and good intelligent writing. It’s very important to get the messaging right, so always get someone else to read it over to ensure it is consistent, it flows well and most importantly, is an interesting read."

Answer the questions

"Ensure you answer all the questions, and each part of the question in full, both broad and specific. Try to capture the bigger picture in your answers, i.e. don’t just list the benefits of the technology, explain how it has contributed to the wider industry."

Use more than words

"Images speak a thousand words and really help the judges understand what you’re talking about, so try and include schematics and images where possible."

Show your financials

"With regards to financial data, it is important to show how your investment has delivered value to the business. Demonstrating a positive return on investment, commitment and strong business growth year on year, helps strengthen an entry."

Don't write a sales pitch

"Try to limit the sales speak, and don’t copy and paste from the marketing brochure. Whilst you need to sell yourself to an extent, it’s important to stay grounded and talk about any challenges and how these were overcome."

Pay attention to detail

"A good first impression is important, so make sure your entry is well formatted, with no spelling or grammar mistakes and reads well."

Be unique

"The industry needs companies with a ‘can do’ attitude. If you did something no one else has done or tried before, make sure you include this. Finally, try to make your entry stand out - with the number of entries we receive, it’s easy to forget those that didn’t make an impact."

Nominations will close on 1 December 2015. For full entry criteria and nomination forms, visit our nominations page.

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