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Timeline for the 2025 Awards

  • September - Nominations open.
  • Early December - Nominations will close.
  • January 2025 - Finalists announced.
  • 13th March 2025 - Awards Ceremony.

Award Categories

Pre-Commercial Deployment Technology Award

The Pre-Commercial Deployment Technology Award aims to identify and recognise innovative new technology ideas developed in the UK for the offshore energy sector (oil and gas, CCUS, hydrogen and all forms of renewables). The technology is expected to be at an early stage of development (up to and including the pilot installation or trial deployment stage).

Post-Commercial Deployment Technology Award

The Post-Commercial Deployment Technology Award recognises excellence in innovative technological solutions developed in the UK for the offshore energy sector (oil and gas and all forms of renewables).

Transformational Technology Award - Judges Choice

Recognising that occasionally a game changing technology can emerge, the judges may select a technology from the Pre-Commercial category or the Post-Commercial category or from the wider industry for special recognition with the new Transformational Technology Award. If no such game changing technology is identified the judges reserve the right not to make such an award this year.

Collaboration Project Award

The Collaboration Project Award will recognize the efforts of two or more companies and individuals who collaborate to either increase efficiencies, reduce cost, reduce risk, or reduce environmental impact within offshore energy.

Entries can include internal company initiatives and programmes or technology developments that meet these objectives.

Sustainability Project Award

The Sustainability Project Award will recognize the efforts of companies and individuals who practice sustainable business, encourage sustainability in their people and processes, and provide sustainable services and products to decarbonize the energy system and / or to achieve the industry target of net zero emissions.

Industry Enabler Award

The Industry Enabler Award recognises an organisation that has supported the industry indirectly through enabling businesses in the Energy Sector.

Applications are welcome from: Any business that can demonstrate that it has significantly enabled businesses in the Offshore Energy sectors (e.g. Logistics, Professional Services, Industry Agnostic Technologies, M&A support etc)

Skills Development Award

The Outstanding Skills Development Award, sponsored by CNOOC International, will recognise innovation and excellence from companies in their efforts to bring new talent into the offshore oil and gas and renewables industries, or to develop existing talent within these industries. The judges are seeking evidence of success in the development, assessment and recognition of employees.

Diversity & Inclusion Judges Award

The Diversity & Inclusion Judges Award recognises leadership in diversity and inclusivity in the offshore energy sector (oil and gas, CCUS, Hydrogen and all forms of renewables). Judges will identify a shortlist for this category and they will be looking for evidence of the implementation of effective actions, policies, systems and practices that nurture and support diversity and inclusivity (gender, race, physical and mental ability, age and / or other areas of diversity) within a sphere of influence.

Young Professional Award

The Young Professional Award will recognise the professional capability and the wider contribution made to the offshore industry (including oil and gas or renewables) by a person aged 35 or under.

Exceptional SME or Exceptional Founder Award

The Exceptional SME or Exceptional Founder will recognise excellence in performance in the offshore energy sector (oil and gas, CCUS, Hydrogen and all forms of renewables) by a small or medium sized company (SME*) or founder of an SME.

Significant Contribution Judges Award

The Significant Contribution Award will recognise an individual who has made the most significant professional contribution to the offshore energy industry above and beyond their day-to-day role. This is a Judges Award and the winner will be revealed at the Awards Ceremony.

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The Offshore Achievement Awards

The Offshore Achievement Awards (OAAs) recognise outstanding achievements in the energy industry.