32 Years of Supporting the Energy Industry

October 2017

The Offshore Achievement Awards (OAA) is an annual celebration of the best and brightest companies and individuals in the energy sector who make significant contributions to their companies and the wider industry. Beyond this recognition, OAA also plays a substantial role in supporting the energy industry, with surplus income from the event being reinvested into various initiatives and projects to inspire individuals and companies at all experience levels.

From primary school children, all the way up to those currently working in the industry, SPE Aberdeen provides valuable resources and opportunities for all levels and areas of interest. SPE Aberdeen supports Maths in the Pipeline, a maths challenge for secondary school children, with volunteers and resources.

Developed by SPE International, Energy4Me is a global "SPE" energy programme for primary and secondary schools, which has been inspiring the next generation since its launch in 2007. Locally we have successfully tailored this programme for the Scottish Schools Curriculum for Excellence.

SPE Aberdeen plays a critical role in the development of Inside Industry, a career guidance website which is targeted specifically towards the energy industry. It is the only tool of its kind focused on providing first class, industry driven career information and advice and has been rolled out across 300 schools in Scotland.

Since 2011, SPE Aberdeen has invested almost £80,000 in scholarships to support students studying oil and gas related qualifications, relieving the financial stresses faced by students and allowing them to focus on their studies.

The investment undertaken by SPE Aberdeen is crucial to the training and support of the next generation of energy professionals. Hosted by a not-for-profit organisation, the SPE Aberdeen Offshore Achievement Awards depends on the sponsorship generated by companies from all areas of the energy industry and beyond. For information on how your company can get involved, and the benefits of sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to hear from you. 

Interested in finding out more about the Aberdeen section, or would you like to get involved, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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SPE Aberdeen Section

The Offshore Achievement Awards

The Offshore Achievement Awards (OAAs) recognise outstanding achievements in the energy industry.