CASE STUDY: JDR Cables tell us why they decided to enter the 2017 Offshore Achievement Awards

September 2017

Q) Why did JDR Cables enter the awards?

A) The Offshore Achievement Awards are recognised as one of the most prestigious in the energy industry and are highly regarded in Aberdeen and beyond.  I felt that this was a great platform to be involved in. For us, we thought it would be a fantastic achievement to be recognised at that level.

Q) How has your company progressed since winning the award? Has this led to growth/more success?

A) A lot has happened to JDR since we won the award and being recognised as a leading exporter and great large company will have definitely played a part. We were recently acquired by an overseas investor, which is the next exciting step in our development. We have had a great run of award winning success over the past year, including the awards we received at the Offshore Achievement awards.

Q) What was the feeling on the night when JDR Cables won?

A) It was a very proud moment for JDR Cables to secure such a prestigious award, which was made all the more special considering the calibre of organisations we were up against. To win this in the face of competition from two very well-known and recognised companies made it even more special.

Q) Did winning boost morale within the company? What did the accolade mean to the company on a whole?

A) We have been through a lot of growth in the past few years and the awards were a great reward to our teams, who continue to build on our success and position us for future success. To be put on that pedestal in front of the whole industry, it was a great moment for JDR Cables.

Q) Do you think winning the award helps sets you apart from your competitors?

A) A lot of our competitors are part of large multi-national corporations with access to greater financial backing and resources. We are an independent UK manufacturer with a much smaller overseas presence in comparison. The Offshore Achievement Awards gave us the opportunity for our success to be highlighted within the industry.

Q) Would you encourage others to enter? Why?

A) I would definitely encourage companies to enter the awards, particularly supply chain companies who can use the opportunity of the awards to tell the story about the great work they are doing. The awards are an opportunity to raise your profile and demonstrate the quality and high standard of your offering.

Q) What are your top tips when entering the awards?

A) I would advise companies entering to really think about their USP – what makes them stand out from the crowd. Be as open and transparent about the great things you are doing, however small they may seem in comparison to others and in particular, draw on the quality and passion of your people, after all they are your greatest asset.

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