CASE STUDY: Enpro Subsea share their experience of winning an Offshore Achievement Award in 2017

September 2017

Q) Why did Enpro Subsea enter the awards?

A) To give the team here some recognition for all their hard work.

Q) How has your company progressed since winning the award? Has this led to growth/more success?

A) We have had a phenomenal year with new and repeat export orders to West Africa and GoM.  Additionally, we delivered our first Flow Intervention System (FIS) into West Africa in July.  This year our backlog has already exceeded our revenue for last year.

Q) What was the feeling on the night when Enpro won?

A) It was overwhelming and humbling.  We were entered into two categories but we didn’t think we would win against this strong competition, especially not in the ‘great small company’.  We were sitting there with some of our key customers and partners who have supported us along the way and they were genuinely excited for us

Q) Did winning boost morale within the company? What did the accolade mean to the company on a whole?

A) Yes – it is a tribute to all the team who have worked so hard to get us to this stage.  A lot of the Enpro team have all worked together before through various companies, mergers and start-ups.   In some ways, the award was a validation of the faith that we (and others) had in our team.  We have won innovation awards before but this was the first time we had won something like ‘great small company’ and it was special to be acknowledged by our peers for having a strong business and not just a clever idea.

Q) Do you think winning the award helps sets you apart from your competitors?

A) Yes – especially the OAA awards as they are industry wide.  It also carries weight overseas when you’re trying to break into new markets and regions.

Q) Would you encourage others to enter? Why?

A) Yes.  It’s an honour to just get shortlisted and even if you don’t win it’s a great night out and a fabulous networking opportunity.

Q) What are your top tips when entering the awards?

A) Make sure your tux still fits.  Mine didn’t…

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