CETCO Energy Services, and their double OAA triumph

September 2016

Back in 2015, CETCO Energy Services was delighted to scoop the Environmental Innovation award for their Crude Sep IGF and DGF technology. In 2016, they furthered their OAA success by winning the top award in the same category. However, this doesn't mean they're showing any signs of stopping! 

Kris Frampton of CETCO Energy Services tells us why they will continue to put themselves forward, discussing the win, the effect this has had on the company, and the development of the technology itself. 

“Led by the engineering team in Aberdeen, we developed two new technologies to address the global issue of produced water treatment, which have delivered outstanding results. Unlike most water treatment technologies such as filtration, EC, adsorbents or coalescers the IGF and DGF technologies are automated and use no consumables. This means that operating costs and manpower requirements are low, the oil is recovered in the process and no additional waste streams are generated.
“Being the only company with the ability to be able to provide rental/trial units capable of these flow rates and available as “stock items” enables us to really use them in anger in the field and be able to gain unique experience in treating some of the worst fluids out there in the field.  We’d gathered such exciting data from live projects that we were able to confidently promote our proven, synergistic technologies for the awards, and were proud to do so. 
“We were obviously delighted to be shortlisted, and then to be announced the winner was a very proud moment for us. To be category winners in front of a genuine audience of industry peers was one thing, but winning with technology that not only helps increase production, but is proven to guarantee an Operator’s environmental credentials was perfect, at a time when the market was focusing on both aspects.  It made for a very proud team back at CETCO HQ. 
 “Since winning, the technology has been further developed and revised, and is currently tackling ever more challenging fluids. Of particular note right now is the treatment and overboarding of FPSO dead slops fluids and solids removal without any consumables. These are market industry “Holy Grails” and we have responded accordingly to meet the challenges and demands of the Operators.  
“Beyond the ceremony, a win such as this is always going to be a fantastic door opener and, to have won at such a prestigious event recognised by the industry, has added a great chapter to the CETCO story.  We won again in 2016 and will be submitting an entry for 2017 also – the industry doesn’t rest on its laurels and neither do we!”

Nominations for the Offshore Achievement Awards 2017 open 3 October, closing 30 November. For more information on the categories and how to enter, visit our nominations page.  

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