Energy Industries Council returns as OAA Sponsor

August 2018

Energy Industries Council (EIC) is a membership organisation focused on the promotion of worldwide business opportunities within the Energy industry. 

For a second year, EIC returns as sponsor of the OAA Export Achievement Award which recognises business growth resulting from successful export activity in the offshore energy sector.

Stuart Broadley, Chief Executive Officer at EIC, joined us for a short interview to share more about the work EIC undertakes, the company's role as sponsor, and what he thinks makes a good nomination in the Export Achievement Award category:

"Based on last year, I can tell you that the best nomination was, of course, the definite increase in export volume, revenues, margins that a business was able to achieve in a short period of time. So let's say over a 2-3 year period. So we are looking for export impact over the last few years - not over a 20 year period. But the second thing that is really important for the judging criteria is that it's a real plan - it's not a kind of a lucky break. It's a business that's developed its people, its strategy, its international presence perhaps through an agent's network, perhaps through other types of investments. (It) really understands how to develop clients and people to deliver a sustainable export growth." 

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Find out more about the Export Achievement Award, along with our various other categories, through our nominations page

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