Finalist Coretrax and their Impressive Global Offering

February 2018

The potential in the world-wide export market can be an exciting prospect, as well as a daunting ambition. Coretrax seized the opportunity with both hands and, as a result, the percentage business turnover from exports reached 73% in 2016. 

By identifying global markets; opening international bases, adapting products and services; appointing agents; and working collaboratively with other service providers, Coretrax has expanded its offering to Denmark, Norway, Holland, Malaysia and Brunei. 

John Fraser, Global Business Development Director at Coretrax, describes how it feels to be nominated for the OAA 2018 Export Achievement Award, and how they maintain their export success. 

Export strategy is clearly a key part of Coretrax's business.What has driven this? 

"Exporting to international markets is key for Coretrax and has long been part of our business strategy and resulting success. The requirement for our tools to perform in various applications and well conditions has been a driver for R&D and new products, and, as well as a number of bases across the Middle East, we have recently launched an office in Malaysia."

With developments such as these, has your export strategy changed over the past few years?

"Our export strategy has remained the same since we started in 2008. Before committing to any market, we do our research to ensure we can maintain the service quality we are renowned for and identify what we need in the region to drive forward."    

And how does it feel to be recognised in the Export Achievement Award category at this year's OAAs? 

"We are delighted to be recognised for our export achievements. We have worked hard to develop an unrivalled product offering, resulting in our global success and strong track record. This nomination is testament to the dedication and hard work of the whole team.

"The Offshore Achievement Awards are highly respected in the industry and recognised globally and being nominated really does underpin our accomplishments." 

For the full list of nominees, visit our finalists page. 

The 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards will take place on the 22nd of March 2018 at the AECC, Aberdeen. Visit our tickets page to find out about how you and your company can be there. 

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