How to Write an Effective Award Submission for the Offshore Achievement Awards 2024

October 2023

"Crafting a winning award submission involves precision, storytelling, and attention to detail. These ten steps, with their additional bullet points, will help you stand out at the Offshore Achievement Awards 2024. Best of luck!"

The OAA 2024 Judging Panel


1. **Select the Right Category:**

- Carefully choose the most fitting award category for your accomplishments.

- Consider your project's uniqueness and alignment with category criteria.

- Seek advice from peers or mentors to ensure your choice is well-informed.

2. **Start Early:**

- Begin your submission well in advance to allow time for planning and research.

- Create a timeline with milestones to manage your progress effectively.

- Avoid the stress of last-minute submissions by allocating ample time.

3. **Read Guidelines:**

- Review submission guidelines, including word limits and formatting.

- Pay attention to any specific requirements, such as document file formats.

- Ask questions from the award organisers if any guidelines are unclear.

4. **Gather Evidence:**

- Collect data, testimonials, and supporting documents related to your achievement.

- Organise your evidence in a structured manner for easy reference.

- Ensure all evidence directly supports the award criteria.

5. **Tell a Compelling Story:**

- Engage judges with a captivating introduction and outline the impact of your achievement.

- Use storytelling techniques to make your submission memorable.

- Clearly convey why your accomplishment stands out among the competition.

6. **Address Criteria:**

- Explicitly connect your project to the award criteria.

- Create a checklist to ensure you've covered each criterion comprehensively.

- Ensure you fully answer the question demonstrating your excellence.

7. **Quantify Achievements:**

- Use numbers and data to substantiate claims.

- Include percentages, metrics, and specific outcomes to quantify success.

- Show the measurable impact of your achievement on your industry or community.

8. **Showcase Innovation:**

- Highlight unique approaches or technologies that contributed to success.

- Explain how your innovative methods solved challenges or improved processes.

- Provide evidence of the innovation's effectiveness, such as before-and-after comparisons.

9. **Discuss Challenges:**

- Explain how you overcame obstacles and demonstrated resilience.

- Be transparent about challenges faced and the lessons learned.

- Showcase your problem-solving skills and adaptability in adverse situations.

10. **Edit and Proofread:**

- Review and adhere to formatting guidelines, and seek feedback before submitting.

- Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

- Ensure a polished and professional presentation to leave a lasting impression.

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