Innovation at the heart of Emerging Technology Finalist, ICR

March 2018

ICR is committed to continually monitoring and developing its product and service offering to include new innovations and solutions that improve the health, safety and performance of the company, its operatives and its clients’ operations.

The company is being recognised at this year's Offshore Achievement Awards for a new fire retardant composite repair system that is currently under development.  The industry first system will solve the problem of composite repairs often being unable to be used on fire rated offshore components, resulting in costly replacements.

 We spoke to Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at ICR, Cerri McDonald, about how they felt to be nominated and how they continue to innovate.

Congratulations on your nomination! How does it feel to be a finalist in the Emerging Technology category at the Offshore Achievement Awards? 

"We are delighted to be finalists in this year’s Offshore Achievement Awards. The recognition gives us confidence in our business, especially when we are up there alongside so many successful organisations."   

What do you feel are the benefits of having your technology nominated for awards such as this one? 

"To be recognised as a company who invests in innovation and research & development means a lot to ICR as it is a key part of our plans to diversify and expand. Being nominated for the Emerging Technology award demonstrates to our clients that we develop market-driven, focused solutions and transform traditional oil and gas methods to help solve real asset integrity challenges. The benefits of this alone are priceless."  

What is the most difficult element of creating and developing new products and systems?

"Dedicating time is the most difficult element of creating and developing new products and systems. Companies are so focused on delivering a quality service to meet current demand and can often forget the importance of driving innovation. However, to remain competitive and to differentiate our portfolio, ICR is committed to research and development to support our growth strategy."  

And how do you think innovation is best encouraged within companies, as well as within the industry in general? 

"In recent years, the industry has seen major innovation and technology developments. Government and legislative pressures have helped to stimulate innovation and this needs to be further encouraged so the offshore sector continues to support its ageing infrastructure in a mature and evolving market.  

"Operators are always searching for new technologies and innovative methods to help meet production efficiency targets. It is becoming increasingly important for the industry to offer more innovative and efficient solutions to optimise production and minimise downtime.  

"It is vital for the supply chain to meet these demands and this is why innovation is a key focus for ICR. We are dedicated to improving and developing our range of products, services and technologies to improve the health, safety and performance of our business, staff and clients’ operations."  

Winners will be announced on Thursday 22 March 2018 at a black tie ceremony at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. 

Nominations will open for the 2019 Offshore Achievement Awards on the 1st of October 2018. Visit our nominations page for more information on categories and criteria. 

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