Innovative Expro North Sea on their 2015 award win

November 2015

Back in March, Expro North Sea was presented with the OAA Innovator Award for their CaTS system, designed to wirelessly monitor reservoir pressure and temperature in permanently abandoned wells.

8 months on, the technology continues to go from strength to strength. We spoke to Expro North Sea about what it meant to win the award and their advice on submitting a winning application.

Why did Expro enter the awards?

"Expro entered the prestigious Offshore Achievement Awards’ ‘Innovator Award’ category to pay tribute to its Wireless Well Solutions team, for the development and commercialisation of its market leading Cableless Telemetry System. The OAAs help us to celebrate this success, raise the profile of the company within our peer network, and celebrate with the key individuals involved – something that is very important to us."

What did winning mean to Expro North Sea?

"As a company that prides itself in driving innovation, it was very important for us to win this award. Not only do we celebrate our achievements, but it also provides an inspiring platform in which to drive forward future innovation within the company – acting as a showcase for others. As a prominent industry event, it also provides visibility with our peer network – including clients – to see the efforts we go to in delivering them with a consistently high quality of service/product quality."

What advice would you give to companies thinking about nominating?

"Starting at the beginning, companies should always identify a compelling product, individual and story (better still – all three!) It is important to use both qualitative and quantitative material by including statistics, images, client testimonies, case studies - clearly listing all benefits of technology. Finally remember to involve key individuals in the writing, as they will always have a better and more passionate understanding of the subject - something that will shine through with the judges."

Don't forget to enter before the 1st of December 2015. Full entry criteria and submission forms can be found on our nominations page.

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