OAA Judge Tips: Ian Phillips

November 2018

Ian Phillips has been heading up the OAA Committee for the past 8 years and in that time, has reviewed dozens of applications across several categories. 

Here he shares his advice on writing a winning entry for the Offshore Achievement Awards. 

“Make your points clearly – remember that not all the judges will be familiar with your specialism. 
“Avoid marketing waffle and “buzz-word-bingo” – judges don’t respond well to an over-the-top submission written by the marketing department.
“Answer the question. Cutting and pasting from another application – or worse from the sales brochure – means you don’t answer the question asked and get marked down.”

Find out more about our full panel of judges through the judges page

The nomination deadline has been extended to the 30th of November 2018. View our full list of categories and download your nomination form through our nominations page

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The Offshore Achievement Awards (OAAs) recognise outstanding achievements in the energy industry.