OAA raises money for Sandpiper Trust

April 2018

Saving lives in rural Scotland is what The Sandpiper Trust is all about. As part of the Offshore Achievement Awards 2018, we were delighted to support them in their aim of improving rapid response medical care, particularly within the most vulnerable rural areas of Scotland. 

Partner charity of Principal Sponsor, TAQA, The Sandpiper Trust works to provide appropriate, standardised and uniform medical equipment, known as Sandpiper Bags, for use by specially trained GPs, community nurses, paramedics and A&E Consultants, all of whom operate on a voluntary basis. And now this extends to non-medical volunteers who, equipped with defibrillators, respond to cardiac arrest call-outs through the Wildcat initiative.

Working in conjunction with the Scottish Ambulance Service, The Sandpiper Trust's trained and fully-equipped responders are primed and ready to act as soon as a high-priority 999 call comes in. 

At our awards ceremony back in March, a raffle was held for the benefit of the charity and this raised an astounding £4,817.40. Thank you very much to everyone who donated, and congratulations to raffle prize winner, Andrew Robertson of Nexen. 

Keri Fickling, Sandpiper Wildcat Project Manager said: 

“A big thank you to all who attended and donated at the SPE Offshore Achievement Awards and congratulations to Andrew Robertson for winning the prize. This money will go a long way to help us save lives in rural Scotland. It will allow Sandpiper to fund a new responder, supplying them with a fully kitted medical response bag, a defibrillator and a vehicle locator so they can be allocated to incidents. We are also hugely grateful for the support from TAQA who have nominated us as one of their charities of the year.”

For more information on The Sandpiper Trust, visit their website

Interested in finding out more about the Aberdeen section, or would you like to get involved, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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