Osbit leads the way in HSE Innovation

March 2018

Osbit's twenty metre high bespoke intervention tension frames have been installed on three vessels and provide safe access into the riser on three platform levels - something which did not previously exist. 

These platform levels improve safety and eliminate the need to use man-riding winches for riser access - a dangerous activity for personnel.

This innovative technology has earned the company the title of HSE Innovation Award Winner at the 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards. We spoke to Managing Director of Osbit, Brendon Hayward about how it feels to take home the trophy. 

Congratulations on your award win! Has it sunk in? 

"We are over the moon to have won OAA’s HSE Innovation Award. Safety is as at the heart of everything we do, from our initial engineering design, through to manufacture, installation and beyond. In the offshore industry, safety is especially crucial and so winning this award is a real testament to the dedication and skill of the Osbit team!"

Speaking of your dedicated team, how do you think innovation is best encouraged within Osbit, and throughout the industry? 

"To facilitate step change improvements and continued innovation, collaboration throughout the supply chain is key. Transparency in learning and improvement is another primary enabler, by allowing everyone to discuss where the issues are, and enabling a culture where innovative ideas can be discussed in a positive, but also rationalised manner."   

And what do you find are the biggest challenges when it comes to creating new products and systems? 

"The challenge is always understanding a problem, then providing a solution which meets all the criteria and is genuinely value-adding but also commercial. Often you can meet some, but not all of these criteria. This renders the product pointless as whilst the idea might be great, without customers, there is no one to buy it."

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