Skills development at the core of Score Group

October 2018

The Offshore Achievement Awards welcomes a range of companies and individuals each year. Because of this, our finalists always include those who have entered in previous years, as well as those who are enjoying a first time nomination. 

This year, we were delighted to see Score Group nominated in our Outstanding Skills Development category for the outstanding commitment they have shown throughout the company's history in training young professionals looking to get into the energy industry. We spoke to Scott Will, Managing Director of Score Europe, who explains what it meant to win the prestigious trophy. 

Congratulations again on your win! Skills development is clearly something that is at the core of Score's business. How has this continued since winning the Outstanding Skills Development award? 

"Score Europe has just completed a successful year where the demand for our skilled employees has been at its highest point for a few years. This has further illustrated the continued need for Score to develop skilled personnel."

And have you found the award to be beneficial to this strategy? 

"Such recognition is invaluable when submitting contract tenders as it shows the company’s commitment to skills development which is so crucial in an industry which has lost so many skilled people during the recent downturn. Since receiving the award we have submitted the details within all of our recent contracts tenders. This recognition has certainly been received well by the main operators and has been a contributing factor to our recent success."  

That's fantastic news. For those looking to get the same benefits by entering this year, what advice would you give them?

"Firstly understand why you want to be nominated and win the award, the award needs to mean something for your business. Secondly ensure you give yourself adequate amount of time to complete your nomination as it is so important that you are very thorough with your application to give you the best chance possible."  

Nominations are open for the 2019 Offshore Achievement Awards. View our full list of categories, criteria and nomination forms through our nominations page

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