EXCEED is the largest independent well and reservoir management company. Trusted by the world’s leading operators and suppliers to provide a uniquely integrated service, its mission is to maximise the recovery factor, leading and managing the productive life of clients’ wells, whilst enabling the energy transition to Carbon Zero.

An EXCEED partnership provides access to multi-disciplined expertise, removing internal overhead costs. As recognised UK Well Operator and turnkey consultancy, that expertise is applied across all aspects of well operations and management.

As a key player in the delivery of energy transition projects, EXCEED supports the repurpose of existing assets for gas storage, blended hydrogen, carbon capture storage, geothermal well delivery, and final decommissioning of wells. The delivery of the world’s first carbon neutral well operation underlines its commitment to the decarbonisation of operations, based on a strategy to eliminate or reduce each project’s direct emissions.

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The Offshore Achievement Awards

The Offshore Achievement Awards (OAAs) recognise outstanding achievements in the energy industry.