WellGear Group

WellGear was established in the Netherlands in 2015 with the aim of modernising and repositioning Hydraulic Workover and Snubbing as a viable and cost-efficient option for Well Operations. WellGear has gone from strength to strength successfully completing several challenging operations both on land and Offshore.

WellGear established an operational base in the UK in 2017. In 2020 they were recognised by a major global Operator as their Wells Emerging Supplier of the Year. Since then, WellGear has expanded globally with basis now in the USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, Equatorial Guinea, and the Middle East.

WellGear are now recognised as being the global leader in their sector of the industry for innovation whilst embracing the energy transition through electrification of equipment.

WellGear recognises the importance and actively participates in supply chain collaboration by developing partnerships with both competitors and non-competitors to ensure a safe, high quality all-encompassing service from project concept to project execution.

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The Offshore Achievement Awards

The Offshore Achievement Awards (OAAs) recognise outstanding achievements in the energy industry.