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February 2019

Susan Elston has worked extensively on raising the profile of women in the industry. Through her approach, Sodexo’s offshore business shows a mean Gender Pay Gap of 16% compared with an average of 24% in the UK offshore industry. 

We spoke to Susan about her nomination in the Above and Beyond category at this year's OAAs. 

Congratulations Susan! How does it feel to be nominated for the Above and Beyond award?

"I am delighted and humbled to have been nominated and short-listed for this award, especially when I look at my fellow nominees – both in this category and others. It is an honour to be in the same bracket as some industry stars."

You’ve done a huge amount to raise the profile of women in the energy industry. What would you say to the women who are considering pursuing a career in this field?

"If you’re considering a career in the energy industry, please do it - gender is not a blocker! I’ve found it has presented amazing opportunities on a global basis and unexpected career opportunities."

What has been a personal highlight of your career? 

"There have been so many but it has been particularly rewarding to see the impact of mentoring when the careers of others have developed. I am steadfast in achieving our targets for gender balance – both within our organisation, and in the offshore industry."

Winners of the 2019 Offshore Achievement Awards will be announced at a black tie ceremony on Thursday 14 March 2019. View the full shortlist through our finalists page.

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