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February 2018

Oxifree's TM198 is an innovative thermoplastic coating which has been proven to increase the lifetime of metal components by as much as 1000%. This technology is welcomed by the oil and gas industry as a solution to aging and degrading infrastructure. 

Having only been established in 2009, Oxifree Global has come a long way since its inception and we discussed what drives the company to innovate with Managing Director, Ed Hall. 

Congratulations on your nomination for TM198! As a relatively new company on the block, how does it feel to be nominated? 

"We are absolutely thrilled to be a finalist at the awards. When we saw this category we just felt it was such a perfect fit for what we are trying to achieve in the Oil & Gas industry; mitigating risks to health, safety, personnel, the environment, all whilst bringing about such critical savings the industry needs. We have been working hard at this for some time and to be a finalist gives us a wonderful recognition for our work."

Innovating obviously comes with its challenges. What do you find is most effective when you are faced with these stumbling blocks? 

"Acceptance. Innovation requires testing, and testing requires an acceptance not only that the problem exists, but that your solution can help. There is often a reluctance to try new products for fear of failure, but once you can overcome this, and with your own in-house testing demonstrate the successes, the path becomes clearer."

It's so encouraging to hear that not everything will run smoothly when innovating and I'm sure that will encourage others to do the same. If you were offering those people advice, what would you say?

"Create a culture of finding solutions not problems. This is the best place to start. Seeing issues or a new challenge with a different perspective, and with a broader view, often brings about innovation. Testing what you create – finding what works, what needs to be improved, having confidence in your product really puts you on the front foot."

We're delighted to see you on the shortlist. What have been the benefits of being nominated at the OAAs?

"Increasing awareness of what we do and what we offer is invaluable, we really believe in our products and know that they can deliver huge benefits to the industry. Having our asset integrity solutions and associated services spotlighted at these awards increases our reach and will hopefully open up even more doors."

For the full list of nominees, visit our finalists page. 

The 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards will take place on the 22nd of March 2018 at the AECC, Aberdeen. Visit our tickets page to find out about how you and your company can be there. 

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